Introduction to Mangastream and its best alternatives:

Author : Surbhi Rana
Publish Date : 2020-10-02

Introduction to Mangastream and its best alternatives:

Mangastream is one of the most popular Manga websites where the readers would enjoy their favorite manga series online. This website was widely loved and trusted by manga readers all over the world, thanks to its amazing user interface and the manga quality that it had to offer for its visitors. 

Over the years, manga stream faced many ups and downs. It was shut down a few months back and then it came back up again and currently it seems like it is dead again for an indefinite amount of time. The bottom line is, although there is no certainty about the future of this website, it is currently down, and it seems like it is not coming back up again. 

Mangastream was free to use and it didn’t require you to register yourself here or set up a monthly subscription for using its services. It has a huge collection of manga that you could check out on demand. You can read one piece Manga Stream and many other manga series for free on this website.

What Is MangaStream?

MangaStream is an online scanlation manga comic database where anyone can read Japanese comics without any additional charges. It is a free service for comics lovers. MangaStream has almost a decade with a promising track record of providing high-quality manga comics for free.

Best Mangastream Alternatives

Since, Mangastream original website has been taken down and will be discussing its alternative options. However, there were plenty of replacement options, but MangaStream was among the most popular online Mangastream platform. We have given a list of Mangastream alternatives that you can use in 2020:


MangaDex not just provides a lot of mangas, but it also has different versions of each Manga. These versions include the colored version, alternative fan-fiction endings,  and official crossover manga series. Not just that, MangaDex has support for more than 20 different languages, including German, Italian, etc.

We have a community for passionate manga fans. On MangaDex, you can make your group for specific types or categories of mangas or follow the already available groups. Here the users have freedom to discuss anything about the manga with the whole community open there. Talking about the user interface, then neither good nor terrible. It has a pretty decent looking website. If you prefer to have a modern look, you might get disappointed as it has a bit old-website look. But it is not that bad after all.


Another great MangaStream alternative that can quickly fulfill your manga reading interest is the MangaFox. Now before talking anything about MangaFox, we would like to tell you that its popularity has given emergence to so many fake MangaFox websites and the one which is ranking on top of the google search results is the Now, the fake one is also not that bad, but its service is not that good.

The original MangaFox about which we are talking is currently being operated via The original MangaFox has a color theme of orange, white, and black. Its manga updates are fast that the new Manga gets available on its official release.

It also has a user-friendly and clean interface for reading manga that includes adaptive zoom for better reading. It also has an app that provides a better manga reading experience. 


With a evergrowing manga collection of more than 10,000 mangas, you can make a ever-growing hunger for manga reading. The website URL address keeps changing because its popularity has made the DMCA cases against the site. MangaHere’s scanned manga collection mainly consists of Japanese Mangas and has a substantial amount of Koren Manga, HongKong Manga, Chinese Manga, European Manga, etc.

The looks and navigation system of the MangaHere website is exquisite. Every manga collection is classified into different categories and genres. Apart from scanned mangas, it has a dedicated Manga Spoiler and News section so that the passionate manga lovers can get updated to the latest and upcoming manga news.

We conclude our article about mangastream alternate & you can write for us. We suggest quite widespread and made in a way that various likes of the user is satisfied. We are going to keep our recommendation and place our vote for Mangafox today.

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