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Sometimes when a film feels really intense, it's easy to ignore whether what happens in the film makes sense or not and that's how I feel with Greyhound , director Aaron Schneider's  latest war film and actor  Tom Hanks who also co-wrote the script.

Adapted from the 1955 novel entitled "The Good Shepherd" by CS Forester,  Greyhound is set in 1942, when the United States was embroiled in World War II. "Greyhound" is the nickname for the USS Keeling, an American warship led by Captain Ernest Krause ( Tom Hanks ).

The Greyhound commanded the "Convoy HX-25", a large Allied convoy containing 37 troop ships and supplies as well as 4 light warships consisting of several British warships. The destination was Liverpool, England and to reach Liverpool, the convoy had to cross the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The challenge for this convoy was that there was an area in the Atlantic Ocean called "Black Pit", where the convoy led by the Greyhound was out of range of air cover and was also vulnerable to attacks from German submarine U-boats. Further air cover would become available 50 hours later, so convoy protection was completely dependent on a few warships.

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What I really like is how minimalistic this Greyhound film  is. Most of the film takes place only on the Greyhound, and this film only runs for 90 minutes. If you think this film will feel very lacking, then you are wrong because man, this film is able to cultivate that minimalism with film speed and very intense scenes.

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This is an example of a film that knows war is the main food, so almost all 90 minutes are spent in really tense scenes without further ado, maybe even the most exciting movie I've watched lately because it managed to make me sit up straight from the start. until the end. Adrenaline pumped? Of course!

Really, this film never once wasted his time. From the start, danger had engulfed the convoy. From the moment I met the first U-Boat to the U-Boat for the umpteenth time at the end of the film, never once did the Greyhound and the other warships rest, and neither did I, who was always excited by my adrenaline while waiting for what else to do. encountered them.

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One of the things that makes this film really intense is the music. With  Blake Neely as the composer, the music in the film blends in perfectly with every scene. When the danger drew near and it seemed inevitable, the music in the film got more and more in tune, which eventually exploded into a music filled with energy.

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But what keeps this film from being perfect is the lack of depth in character, especially with the main character. Tom Hanks plays Captain Ernest Krause, commander of the Greyhound ship and leader of the convoy. With only 90 minutes and almost all films centered on wars between ships, it's rare for a film to spend time with Ernest and really get into his character.

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In the past, before he left, Ernest met Evelyn ( Elisabeth Shue ), his girlfriend. There are no stories about the two of them, only Evelyn gave Ernest a gift in the form of slippers and if Ernest wanted to marry Evelyn but had to accept rejection because she was waiting for the war to end. That fairly brief scene left nothing but a confused feeling, who is this Evelyn and what was their previous relationship?

Not only that, but some scenes using  CGI were still problematic and took me out of the viewing experience. No, the scene I mean is not the scene where ships shoot at each other. The scene was still very exciting, and I was fine with it.

The scene I mean is there where Ernest is talking to one of his men outside the ship at night and in the moonlight, and the scene looks fake with the actors and the background not getting together and makes me think, why a film with a large enough budget. does this still make a scene like that look less convincing? Maybe this film has some reasons and I'll never find out.

But those flaws are still very small compared to the fun I got from  Greyhound . Tense, intense, fast and effective, Greyhound is  also the film that perfectly returns Aaron Schneider  as a director who hasn't made a film for a long time (his last film, Get Low , was released in 2009) and also reassures  Tom Hanks as a shrewd film writer.

Greyhound is a US war film starring Tom Hanks adapting the true WWII story that can be watched streaming on Apple TV + .

Greyhound is directed by Aaron Schneider with Tom Hanks as scriptwriter. Greyhound was originally slated for release June 12, 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic which was eventually pushed back July 10 of the same year.

The 91-minute film outline tells the story of 37 Allied ships led by Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) crossing the North Atlantic. At sea they were ambushed by German Nazi ship troops.This film tells the story of the destroyer USS Keeling, otherwise known as the Greyhound. The destroyer led a sea convoy with other British ships for 5 days.

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