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At first I thought the title  7500 referred to the altitude of our main character's plane to be hijacked, but apparently it was a code that one of the pilots gave to air traffic control to tell them that the plane they were controlling was being hijacked.

Since the 9/11 terrorist incident, it is really hard to see a new film with the theme of a terrorist group hijacking an airplane. It is not easy to see a film where a terrorist group takes over a plane without imagining that dark incident. And  7500 , bravely, tells a story similar to what happened at that event.

It all started quietly. Tobias Ellis ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ), a young copilot and Captain Michael Lutzmann ( Carlo Kitzlinger ) are preparing to fly a plane that will take off from Berlin to Paris. On the plane there is also Tobias's girlfriend who is a flight attendant, both of whom have a two-year-old child.

The end result is a film that claims to be an adapted version, but barely depicts the original novel at all. This Disney version of Artemis Fowl cuts Eoin Colfer's innovative characterization and clever plot into an incoherent tangled tale.

The greatness of the Artemis Fowl story is the complexity of morality on each side. However, Disney made it "too friendly" for the family that Artemis Fowl ended up like an innocent cliché and lost all the magic of the original Artemis Fowl novel .

Artemis Fowl displayed by Disney is a hero well as in general are trying to save the world. In fact, in his novel, he is acunning young criminal mastermind who is more like an antagonist. Even so, his very human motivation allows connoisseurs of this story to understand and even like this anti-hero figure.

Meanwhile, the antagonist in the film Artemis Fowl actually appears in a mysterious, hooded figure with the name Opal Koboi (Hong Chau) . From one and a half hours of film duration, he was only given a portion of the dialogue for less than ten minutes. In addition to his never-seen face, this criminal also appears in a silly voice that has been edited  to sound weird and not at all intimidating.

One of the entertaining characters in this film is the Giant Dwarf Mulch Diggums (Josh Gad) . Even so, every time he turned into a narrator, his deep, exaggerated voice made me wish Gad would take cough medicine so that he could hear the story he told more clearly.

As the focus that weaves the storyline, the scriptwriting duo McPherson and McColl create a magical object called The Aculos. Artemis tries to get this object from the Elves as a ransom for his father who was kidnapped by Opal Cowboy.

However, what exactly is The Aculos? Why shouldn't this thing fall into bad hands?

All these important questions were never quite clearly answered by Artemis Fowl . The Aculos in this film is nothing more than a plot device designed for the sake of the storyline.

Artemis Fowl's biggest problem is that the plot is very busy, but it is told in a hurry. The transitions in each act happen so fast, that it makes it difficult for the audience to keep up with the changes in the story line.

In one minute, Artemis Fowl is the enemy of the fairy policeman Holly Short (Lara McDonnell) . In the next minute, they became friends. The various motivational changes of these characters are not gradual, but are more like flashes. All of the things that I have mentioned above indicate how many parts of this film are structured regardless of the logic of the story.

Artemis Fowl might be a big disappointment to fans of the Eoin Colfer novel. However, even for those who haven't read the original novel, this film is an forgettable and boring 95-minute spectacle.

When I say this, of course I am not referring to the quality of the film's CGI technology. As one of the largest media companies in the world, it is not difficult for Disney to ensure the best visual quality for Artemis Fowl .

The production cost of $ 125 million for this film is truly embodied in the visual effects that are meticulous and quite a feast for the eye, especially in the beauty of Haven City where the fairies live.

The Artemis Fowl soundtrack series, on the other hand, were not so disappointing. Colored with a number of traditional Irish melodies in the background, this film shows the hallmark of a Disney soundtrack that is always attached to a sentimental vibe.

The ending of Artemis Fowl's story ensures that there will be a sequel to this film in the future. However, the number of less warm responses to this first film, both from fans of Artemis Fowl's novels and from new audiences, should be an evaluation for Disney .

Disney might also be able to reflect on the adaptation of the Harry Potter fantasy novel series . The success of the franchise production shows how the filmmaker pays attention to the original vision of the novelist who certainly understands his work more than anyone.

The series of misfortunes that have befallen Artemis Fowl since the pre-production stage seem to have bode badly about the final outcome of this film. Based on the popular Artemis Fowl novel series , this film adds to the length of a line of unsuccessful fantasy novel adaptations such as A Wrinkle in Time (2018) , also a Disney production , and the Percy Jackson series .

This film erodes the complex characterization and unique story concept of Eoin Colfer's work into a tangled, hasty, and incoherent story. For viewers who have just witnessed this story, Artemis Fowl is Disney's version of a boring cliché fantasy story . For readers of the original novel, Artemis Fowl was a huge disappointment.

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