Become a Hero in the Middle of EXODUS METRO Horror

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Become a Hero in the Middle of EXODUS METRO Horror

Both  Metro 2033  and  Metro: Last Light are among the games I enjoy playing, having last played them a few years ago. Its dark world, tense environment, and challenging challenges make the Metro game series feel very different from most  first-person shooter games . A few years after the two games came out, along came  Metro Exodus which became the third game in the series inspired by the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Continuing several years after  Metro: Last Light , Artyom - our main character in this game and before - became obsessed with finding life outside Moscow. The expedition he undertakes alone and constantly worries his friends and relatives, especially Anna, his wife and in-law, Miller, who not only plays Anna's father but also the leader of the Spartan Order special forces.

But after several adventures in the outside world, Artyom apparently found clues that convinced his belief that outside Moscow there is life. Now Artyom, Anna, Miller and several troops from the Spartan Order are preparing to find that life and find a cleaner and safer place to live, far from the underground tunnels they currently live in. Using a train named "Aurora", Artyom begins his quest for life and exploring the remains of the Russian Federation.

Metro Exodus feels much bigger than the previous two games thanks to a world that is now far open like an open world . Some of the early maps, such as in "The Volga" or in "The Caspian" let players free to explore the ins and outs of the map. But that doesn't mean the world in  Metro Exodus is as free and as big as other open world games, like Fallout 4 which have a similar theme.

It's amazing to see how 4A Games, the  developer behind  Metro Exodus , can make the world in the game so amazing. In the previous two games, the majority of the story is set in a dark, dark, and creepy underground tunnel. But here, they can make the outside world incredibly beautiful to explore. Not only beautiful, but also very detailed, so that every part of the map feels different from the other parts. The vastness of the desert, the beauty of a city in a forest area or a remote snowy area, all the environments in the game feel very fresh and exciting to explore.

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As the game progresses, the player's freedom of adventure is also increasingly limited, which ultimately ends with a linear map like  the  previous Metro , but that doesn't mean the quality decreases. That way, the main story can be more concentrated, which ultimately makes the main story so far more intense, culminating in one of the most emotional finishes in a first-person shooter game .

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Time also plays a very important role in the world of  Metro Exodus , something that was not present in previous games. In an open world map  , time continues from morning to night and beyond. Like the Far Cry game series  , here we can sleep to speed up time. This feature is very important because night and day offer not only experience, but very different planning. During the day, the enemy could see clearly while at night the  mutants were mostly around. The change of time is very important for my next plan, and I also become more free to use what plan to complete the next mission.

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The freedom provided by players is not only a fun feature, but also vital to the story. Some of the side missions that players can do while exploring the map are optional, which means that players are free to do them or not, but these small missions have a significant impact as the story continues. Several missions such as picking up a teddy bear for Nastya, a child who was riding Aurora, also felt very satisfying to do. Artyom is a good man, and I am trying to do that too.

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Artyom, like the main character of the old  first-person shooter game , never said a word or showed his face. His personality is sometimes very stiff and cold, I even think "Some people ask why are you silent." His character who is always silent sometimes does make the conversation feel less dynamic, where the pace of the conversation seems dead. His voice could only be heard if he didn't scream, groaning in pain when he was attacked. He also only talked on the loading screen  , telling him what he had been through and his hopes for the future. Outside of the loading screen , it never speaks.

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Metro Exodus features a minimalist game system, without the HUDs scattered on the screen. One of the features I love is how much Artyom relies on his left wrist. There, he uses a variety of  gadgets that have various functions. Want to find out if the ambient air is radiating? Check the left hand. How many minutes of gas mask filter remains? Check the left hand. Are there enemies around? The same. That way, the game also feels more real where we no longer rely on theon-screen HUD system , but rely on Artyom to check all of these things.

Apart from the minimalism in the game, I also like the stealth element  which is much more effective than the two previous games. With a world system that feels like an  open world , players are also free to make plans to attack enemy bases. On the left wrist we can also find out whether Artyom is too exposed to light so that it is easily seen by the enemy or not. If so, then the light on the left watch will light up, indicating that I have to hide myself more so as not to be seen.

Maybe  Metro Exodus is usually included in the first-person shooter or  action adventure genre  , but it's also a horror work  . It is not uncommon for me to feel the nuance that grips me, not knowing what awaits me at the end of the tunnel. And this seems to be one of Metro Exodus' strengths  , namely how they can build a very dark atmosphere in just an instant. Some of the missions are also scary, especially if the situation suddenly turns bad and my bullets are very thin.

I was reminded of a mission where I had to explore a place in the underground myself, where there is a mutant in the form of a combination of a large spider and scorpion. These creatures are afraid of light, so I turn on the lights in every room to scare them. But, when I was walking through this building, the lights suddenly went out. What happened? These creatures came out and chased me, and I was relying on my flashlight which had gone very badly and hoped that I didn't run out of bullets. Or if the gun doesn't jam.

The weapon mechanics are also a lot of fun to tinker with. During play, Artyom carries his backpack, which is very useful for making essential items such as medicine and  filters  for gas masks. This bag can also make Artyom able to carry more than one weapon, adding to the flexibility of the player when he wants to continue his mission. But for more customization, Artyom should find a  workbench , a table that Artyom can find along the way to modify weapons.

At that table we can make bullets, make customizations for each weapon such as adding a silencer or changing the scope of the weapon, and even cleaning weapons. Here, weapons can get stuck because they are dirty, a feature that does add to the reality of the game but can also be fatal when fighting enemies or  mutants . Just imagine, not infrequently when I was surrounded by some creepy mutants and my weapon decided to jam, and finally I was pounced on by the mutant  .

As a third game,  Metro Exodus offers a more emotional story than the previous two. Indeed, the two previous games also offer a tough story, but here the story feels much more draining so I, like Artyom, also really want to do what's right for my family and friends. Hope, survival, and family are the main themes in this story, where we often face dilemmas whose solutions sound impossible. I was surprised to see how for a  first-person shooter ,  Metro Exodus is able to bring its story so emotional, heavy and always interesting to explore.

We can also explore these stories through our actions. We can decide not to continue the mission and explore the train further, getting to know every character that never had an important role before. Little things like listening to Stepan - my comrade in arms - play the guitar or spending time together sitting and listening to Anna's story offers a sense of optimism in a world that has been destroyed and I also feel more emotional about every character on the train.

Metro Exodus is not only the best Metro  game , it is also one of the best  first-person  shooter games in recent years. With a world full of its own stories, challenges that always make the game feel alive, and a story that touches the human side more than ever, this is one example of a game that is successful in all aspects.

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