4 Female Stars Who Enlivened the Battle of Godzilla vs. Kong

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4 Female Stars Who Enlivened the Battle of Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong is officially released today. The film features two giant creatures from the Monsterverse universe in one story.
Godzilla vs. Kong told of the battle that took place between the two giant legendary creatures that collided and clashed with each other. There is a female star who takes part in the climax of the feud between the two creatures.

Here's about them and the background of their role in this film:

1. Millie Bobby Brown
The Enola Holmes star is back in the Godzilla story after previously taking part in Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Millie Bobby Brown plays Madison Russell. She is the daughter of scientist Mark and the late Emma Russell. Madison believes there is a reason behind Godzilla's erratic behavior, he is suspicious of a conspiracy formulated by the Apex Corporation.

"I've always felt Madison was a really great teenager who just went through things that were clearly really out of the ordinary," Brown said in an interview describing his role.

He is said to be amazed by the figure of Godzilla, a creature who is feared by many people because of his existence. In this film, Madison is told to investigate the irregularities that she believes appear in the figure of Godzilla.

"If the Kong part is a journey into the past and the origins of the Titans, the other part, led by Madison and the characters Bernie and Josh, is a journey to explore the past," says director Adam Wingard.

2. Rebecca Hall
The actress plays a scientist named Dr. Ilene Andrews. In the story, she is also told as the adoptive mother of one of the characters of a little girl named Jia.

"Ilene Andrews is a mother figure and also a researcher. In the King Kong film, there is a beautiful woman and she wants to be a savior. One interesting thing in this film is that the presence of a child who is now emotionally attached to Kong is very interesting," said Rebecca Hall, referring to the old character played by Naomi Watts in the film King Kong (2005).

The girl character is played by Kaylee Hottle.

3. Kaylee Hottle
The female star makes her big screen debut in Godzilla vs. Kong. As revealed by actress Rebecca Hall, Kaylee Hottle plays the character of a little girl named Jia.

Jia is said to be able to communicate with symbols and sign language.

"When I found out that Kaylee, who is deaf, would play the role, I agreed and it was a valid thing," said Rebecca Hall, who was the direct opposite of the female star.

"Despite the fact that she is in a different condition than the rest of us, I found Kaylee Hottle to be a bright and talented person," said Rebecca Hall.

4. Eiza Gonzales
Eiza Gonzales plays Maia Simmons, an executive of Apex Corporation who is suspected of wreaking havoc through Godzilla. Maia Simmons is described as full of calculated intelligence and arrogance as the leader of one of the most powerful technological forces in the world.

"My character is in a situation that is basically a choice between humanity versus a personal agenda, and we all have to ask ourselves what we are going to choose. You can see both sides," said Eiza Gonzales describing the role he played.

Brief synopsis of Godzilla vs. Kong is centered on the journey made by Kong and his protectors to find a proper place to live for the creature. But on the way, Kong and his entourage were on the path where Godzilla was on a rampage.

The meeting of the two giant creatures made a big feud between the two of them.

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Review, What Is the Source of Godzilla's Anger?

Film lovers have been waiting for a film that shows two large creatures on earth fighting each other, namely between Godzilla and Kong. Not only is the plot fun, this film is also enlivened by young players who are involved in it.

One of them is Millie Bobby Brown, whose acting is brilliant in the Netflix series "Stranger Things". Since then, she has started to have significant roles in her later films, including in the film Godzilla vs Kong in which she played Madison Russell.

Madison is the daughter of scientists Mark and Emma Russel. Madison believes there is something wrong with Godzilla's behavior, because Godzilla has actually left humans in peace. He believes it has something to do with Apex Corporation. While Madison is conducting an investigation with her friend and her father's friends, what does she find out from the investigation?

The devastation caused by the battle between Godzilla and Kong in the film is real, even if it's just CGI. Coupled with the sound that echoes to the rotating video, it makes the body a little hoyong but everything looks exciting because it feels like it is in a state in the film.

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The film is set on the story of three years after Godzilla wins the battle against Ghidorah, Godzilla disappears. However, suddenly, Godzilla appeared again and went on a rampage in Pensacola, Florida, and destroyed the research facility belonging to Apex Corporation.

Everyone began to wonder why Godzilla was on a rampage. In fact, Godzilla will only attack if he is provoked or if another giant threatens his existence.

Apex Corporation's top brass, Walter Simmons, came up with an idea to stop Godzilla's steps. From there, he met a scientist, Nathan Lind, who had the idea to go to the other side of the earth to ask Kong for help. Finally Nathan Lind met another scientist, Ilene Andrews who was watching Kong and he had an adopted son who could not speak named Jia.

What exactly are their plans behind deploying Kong as aid? Will they succeed in stopping Godzilla and finding the source of Godzilla's anger?

113 minutes in length, this film is a meeting with actions and not too much monotonous dialogue. There are three rounds of meetings between Godzilla and Kong that show the strength of both. As an action film, Godzilla vs Kong is very entertaining, even though the story is not as strong as King Kong or Godzilla.

Godzilla vs Kong can be seen in theaters starting Thursday (24/3). All theaters are committed to implementing strict health protocols. For example, seats are made one seat apart and it is mandatory to wear masks during film screenings.

Godzilla vs. Kong starts airing March 24 in theaters

The fierce battle of the two powerful creatures Godzilla and Kingkong can be watched on the big screen starting this week. After being delayed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the film Godzilla vs. Kong finally airs in Indonesia starting March 24, 2021.

This was confirmed by Warner Bros Indonesia through his tweets on social media.

Godzilla vs. Kong can be seen in a number of cinema chains in Indonesia such as Cinema XXI, CGV, Cinepolis, and. Tickets can also be ordered since last Saturday (20/3).

Based on the official Godzilla page, the film Godzilla vs. Kong tells the story of the battle of two mystical creatures that actually took place centuries ago. The fate of the world is at stake on their balance.

Kong and his protectors go on a dangerous journey to find the real home. The trip is carried out with Jia (Kaylee Hottle), an orphaned girl who forms a unique and strong bond with Kong.

On their way, they realized they were on the path of a rampaging Godzilla. Godzilla began to destroy the entire city with a burst of electric shocks from his mouth.

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While the humans were trying to find out why Godzilla went on a rampage, Kong continued to fight the giant creature.

The presence of the film Godzilla vs. Kong has long been awaited after the production house of Legendary Pictures announced the collaboration project for the Godzilla and King Kong franchises in 2015.

Fans of the two characters are even more excited when they learn that a director known for his Death Note and Blair Witch, Adam Wingard, is lined up to direct Godzilla vs. Kong.

This film will also be studded with Hollywood stars, such as Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry.

"As monsters set foot on Earth, mankind's struggle for the future brings Godzilla and Kong together in a battle that will see the two great powers on this planet clash in spectacular battles," said Legendary and Warner Bros.

Godzilla vs. Kong himself has experienced several broadcast delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Warner Bros. finally decided to screen the film in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously this year.

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