When is a Crime Not a Crime?

Author : shaun.jimmy
Publish Date : 2020-12-09

When is a Crime Not a Crime?

If you buy something advertised to do specific things and then find out that it is completely different to your expectations that would not necessarily be a crime. But if the advertisement targets a specific need, such as a cure for something, but it did not cure it that would that be a crime. It is misrepresentation and many suffer the consequences of such frauds every day.

Thieving is an easily recognizable crime. But what if something was stolen a long time ago? Is it still a crime? Yes, and the perpetrators face penalties if caught. The same applies to murder, rape, or any other crime against society. Those associated with crime or who assist criminals in any way may be equally as guilty unless they know nothing of it.

Protecting criminals is aiding and abetting. Earning money from crime, whether it was committed by them or not, and covering up the deed while denying knowledge of it is likewise a crime.

There are few if any exceptions to these laws.

War crimes, however, could once go unpunished because of circumstances. Some heads of State could be exempt under certain conditions. For example if crimes against individuals or countries during war are not attributable to the sitting Head of State and if he or she is not aware of the crime there is a case for exemption.

This has been brought to the fore during the Iraq war whereby torture and such performed by military personnel saw soldiers jailed or punished but the President of the United State and his Secretary for Defense are innocent or outside of the legal process.

Crime has an extensive reach, however, and even history cannot erase such acts from their consequences. Whilst the criminals may die their established businesses may be run by their heirs. Under those circumstances no crime has an expiry date when it continues to affect people. So a crime, once identified as such, is always a crime...

The UK government lists property crime, It states that property crime involves commercial robbers, fraud and forgery, and theft by employees, among other things. Violent crime includes assault and harassment. Anti-social behavior, according to this authority, includes harassment, alarm or distress to customers or staff, low level harassment or intimidation, including racial intimidation.

Aside from business crime there is social crime and that has a wider reach even than that of business crime.

South Africa.info carries a report on this type of behavior under the heading Social Development, sub headed Tackling the social causes of crime. They note that social crimes are difficult to investigate because "the relationships between the victims and the perpetrators, where levels of intimidation and family pressure are very high," Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula told journalists in Pretoria recently.

Unfortunately this is the case in many criminal investigations where a 'them versus us' hinders the law that seeks to protect the community. Human nature, fear and intimidation by criminals ensure they receive this kind of support.

With a crime in place for centuries it is even harder as many feel it is not affecting them one way or another. Others are ignorant and may never discover the truth. As a writer, however. my obligation is to expose that which affects us whatever the cost. The greater the crime the more urgent it is to bring it to the fore.

My research uncovered just such a crime that embraces all of the above. It involves what is probably the biggest business on earth and sees billions of dollars pass into its coffers every year. It has a Head of State and, along with its partners in crime, its robbery, fraud, forgery and theft activities are enormous but are covered up by its servants who are also heads of governments and power brokers. Its tentacles are long and its business travels rapidly reaping even more rewards.

Its members knowingly or otherwise engage in many of the crimes listed above either through innocence of the truth or through intimidation and harassment by the leaders. Its power is such that even writing about it could bring repercussions that stirs the emotion so many to commit murder against the author. This is already happening in some circumstances that are well known to the reader.

My research went to the beginning of civilization and beyond to uncover the facts and to piece together a picture of the worst crime imaginable. It unearthed a fraud and forgery that will shock to the core.

By N. Holt

Author, publisher, Ba(hons) ANU, researcher, spiritual counselor and web master. With full memory of reincarnation and observing what people believe through a lifetime of research brought rewards. It led to exploring the origins of religion through linguistics and archeology which opened even more doors to the facts. Observations as to why reincarnation is a taboo subject drove me with passion to undo the things that oppose it. In pursuing my goals I uncovered this major crime against all humanity.


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