What to Buy That Special Teacher in Your Life

Publish Date : 2021-02-16

What to Buy That Special Teacher in Your Life

There is Mothering Sunday for the special mums and grannies, Father's Day for all the dads and granddads and even Valentine's Day for the ones you love. In fact, there's probably an occasion for everyone but there are some special people who are often forgotten and don't get a look in... teachers. Everyone was a teacher's pet at some point, but handing them a shiny apple doesn't quite do the trick these days.

From nursery, primary, secondary, college to university, teachers and tutors have spent their lives nurturing and teaching us how to survive in the big, bad world. At the end of every school year they watch their class leave the nest and get a new bunch with minds ready for moulding.

You never forget a good teacher and you should make sure they never forget you, by letting them know how grateful you are for their support throughout your education. Give them something thoughtful and if you're stuck for ideas then read on.


Your teacher will be touched if they receive a brilliantly taken photograph. You could dig out a picture from a memorable school trip, a class picture in the playground, or if you're a little older, a group snap of your whole course in their graduation gowns throwing mortarboards in the air (it's a cliche but everyone still does it!). Finished off in an elegant ornamental frame, it will be ready to go on the desk in the staff room.







Teaching staff lead very busy lives, so a school planner will be a welcomed gift. Not just a simple diary, get them one with all the trimmings - somewhere they can make rough notes, lesson plans, schedule meetings, school trips and even detention. Buy them a decorative or novelty diary cover for that extra personal touch and complement it with a nice, shiny pen. They'll love it.


Giving your teacher a book or novel can be an intellectual expression of your gratitude. It may have been a book they mentioned whist teaching the class or might be by one of their favourite authors. Make the book extra special - look out for hard-back copies or special editions of it (with notes from the author, previously unseen chapters etc.) in the shops. Don't forget to hand write a personal message in the front or back page. They will remember you every time they pick it up to read.


If you want to get them something totally unrelated to their school life, there are loads of pampering gift ideas out there. You could get the whole class to chip in and get 'Miss' or 'Sir' a relaxing spa day. There are also adventure days as an alternative for any teachers who aren't quite in touch with their feminine side.

The homemade variety

You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to put a lot of thought into something. Give them a basket of homemade fruit muffins or chocolate biscuits (check allergies first, you don't want your teacher's last day to literally be their last!).

The personal touch

Some freshly picked flowers and a homemade card always do the trick. Finally, don't forget to attach a personal note to whatever you decide to give. The gift may be edible or perishable, but the note can be kept in their scrapbook and they will always look back and remember you.

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