What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

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Publish Date : 2020-11-18

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco Friendly, also called sustainable packaging, uses materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce energy consumption and reduce the harmful effects of packaging on the environment. Eco-friendly packaging solutions often involve biodegradable and recyclable materials, rather than materials such as plastic and polystyrene.

Ecological packaging made of materials

Biodegradable and recyclable materials used in green packaging can take different forms:

Bioplastics or plastics of plant originRecycled paper and plastics Consumer products such as recycled bulk bags
Following are the examples of some examples of specific organic packaging currently used on the market.

1. Starch-based biomaterial

In particular, starch-based maize-based packaging has seen a remarkable increase in interest over the last decade. Although it has many properties similar to plastic, corn starch packaging comes from corn and is much more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging. It has a versatile use - manufacturers can use it, for example, to develop the filling of soft drinks in bottles or to produce bulk packaging materials. In many national parks in the United States, such as Yellowstone, hotels and cabins, use biodegradable corn-based containers.

2. Other biomaterials of plant origin

It can be used instead of traditional petroleum-based plastics and usually comes from agricultural waste, including corn starch, sugar cane or sugar beet plants.

Another type of plant packaging product is Coca-Cola's plant biomaterial, PlantBottle, which is a type of cane-based biomaterial. Although PlantBottle dates back to 2009, their material at that time accounted for only 30% of plant origin, but as of 2015, 100% of PlantBottle packaging comes from sugar cane. Pepsi also has a 100% vegetable bottle, which it started using in 2011. Pepsi makes its model from mottled grass, pine bark, corn husks and other natural materials. These herbal models are entirely recyclable and degrade much faster than their petroleum-based plastic ancestors.

3. Biodegradable peanuts

Many Cities in the United States, recently imposed a ban on foam products, the production of which generally uses polystyrene rather than polystyrene. The ban applies to disposable shell containers such as those used for specific collection containers. Also, it applies to materials such as packaging of peanuts and foam plates, cups and bowls.

The companies opted for alternative sources, including biodegradable peanut packaging, to fill the gap. Packaged biodegradable hazelnuts come from natural substances such as starch and wheat. They are light and cheap and will not affect marine life if they reach rivers, lakes or oceans.

4. Corrugated bubble wrap

Traditional bubble wrap is fun, but because it is a non-biodegradable plastic, it is less fun for the environment when it reaches landfills. Many companies have recently opted for an alternative: corrugated bubble wrap. Corrugated bubble wrap is corrugated cardboard that is marked to form a lined surface and then reused as a protective foil for fragile materials.

5. mushroom-based packaging

Although this may seem like an adventurous package that can be found in a vegan restaurant, mushroom packaging has proven its worth in commercial packaging. Agricultural residues are used for packing mushrooms, which are kept together in a container with mycelial or mushroom roots. It is very biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Swedish retailer Ikea has started using mushroom packaging as a replacement for polystyrene packaging.

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