What Do Students Think of Distance Education?

Publish Date : 2021-04-01

What Do Students Think of Distance Education?

The emergence of distance education has definitely raised some issues for both the educational institutions and the students in general. Holding academic classes on the internet doesn't seem to be a complicated process, but of course there are still some factors that should be looked into before this means of education can be considered effective. There have been several studies aimed at knowing what students think about distance education as well as how distance education facilities can be improved.

Based on the number of students asked about online education programs, it is apparent that students in general are aware of the potential and huge benefits of such programs. Specifically, students believe that distance education can be effective as long as appropriate atmosphere as well as instructional equipment is provided to the learners.

Studies also show that distance learning programs can be as beneficial and productive as the conventional face-to-face education if technology is utilized well when it comes to the use of various teaching aids. Experts say that in order for distance learning programs to be maximized, they should be conducted using various synchronous tools such as desktop conferencing, videoconferencing along with audio graphics support interaction. With these technical aids, students can not only see and hear their lecturers, but they are also able to ask questions.

Although it is easy to see the benefits of taking classes online, many students still feel that some huge factors can seriously affect the effectiveness of web based classes. Indeed, reasonable objectives and careful planning are essential to the success of distance education degrees. In addition, the selection of materials, atmosphere and class size are elements that cannot be ignored.

According to several studies, students begin to have some negative attitudes towards internet based classes if they can only see or hear their lecturers on their computer screen. With that being said, it is essential that all types of multimedia aids be utilized to make sure that the students' attention is kept in the classroom.






Aside from the use of various technological tools and multimedia aids, another important factor for the success of distance learning programs is the ability of the lecturers to conduct online classes. In comparison to traditional face-to-face classes, teaching students on the internet poses a lot of challenges to the lecturer. He or she should make sure that he can create an atmosphere that is comfortable for learning. They should also be able to encourage students to become more involved with the lessons.

No matter what system of education is used, an important factor to the success of any program is the students. The overall attitude of a student is crucial in the effectiveness of distance education. It is very clear from the research that students who are highly motivated and are well disciplined can take full advantage and benefit from distance learning programs. in short, the lack of physical presence of lecturers and classmates is never a hindrance to the success of distance education programs as long as the students are given an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

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Every school year, American college students pay at least $20,000 to cover college tuition fees alone. And as you well know, the costs doesn't really stop there. You still need to pay for books, allowance, food, transportation, and the list just continues to infinity and beyond.

Perhaps you've spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about it. And perhaps you'd be glad to learn that the United States government, your government, has thought about it as well. In fact, the government has been thinking about it well before 1980.

The United States Government mandated the establishment of United States Department of Education under the Department of Education Organization Act of 1979.

The US Department of Education was basically created to encourage the promotion of student achievement and their preparation for global competitiveness by way of fostering academic excellence and ensuring equal access to quality education.

The department participates in four fundamental activities, including:

a) The development of policies that are associated with federal education funding, the administration of funds and the monitoring of its usage

b) The gathering of data and overseeing of scientific studies in American schools

c) The detection of major issues in education and the development of solutions that would address them

d) The enactment of federal laws that prohibit discrimination in certain programs that receive federal funds.

The Department of Education provides a lot of programs and several other forms of financial assistance which have been proven to be largely helpful for students who are academically deserving but financially challenged.

Some of the services offered by the Department of Education are Grants, in the form of Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants, and Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grants; Federal Work-Study Programs, and Federal Loans such as Perkins Loans, Direct Stafford Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, and Direct Loan Consolidation Programs.

Every aspiring university student must always keep in mind that with regards to education, there is always a form of assistance that's available for everyone. All a student needs to do is understand what she needs and determine where and how she can get it.

Education alone won't prevent foot ulceration and amputations. Nonetheless, raising patient awareness on what will happen if they don't look after their feet pays an important part in health care.

Indications from the study are that reductions in the incidence of ulcers and amputation could be effected by more comprehensive and preventative interventions which include specific education programmes.

We would like to see health professionals (nurses, doctors, foot care and other complementary therapists) offer education and advice. Those who are not trained in anatomy and physiology or diabetes could approach health professionals for materials to give to their clients and patients; the materials would include the contact details of the health professionals and other people to contact.

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