Tips For Passing the Law Enforcement Exam

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Publish Date : 2020-11-30

Tips For Passing the Law Enforcement Exam

How often have you heard people that whatever they do, no matter how much they want to become a cop, they just can't pass the test because they aren't good at testing and fail both the police written exam as well as the police oral exam? Unfortunately, testing is critical because it is a measure of your abilities to perform well when under pressure, as it is a daily occurrence for a police officer. However, do not despair because passing the law enforcement exam can often be as simple as improving your test taking ability and it can be done.

Law Enforcement Exam: Preparation is Key

As with any test preparation is vital and the more you prepare the more confident you will be in your abilities and will be less likely to give in to the jitters. You will want to find out beforehand everything you can about the test, whether it will be an essay or a multiple choice or some other format. Other facts you will need to know are the time you are allotted to take the law enforcement exam as well as what the test itself will be assessing, whether your knowledge of the facts or your comprehension, or both. You will also want to ascertain whether it will be a police written exam or a police oral exam, or it may include both.

A great way to prepare is to ask those who have taken the law enforcement exam before to give you a little information and insight on how the test unfolds as well as the type of questions asked. You will also want to find past exams as well as samples for the different categories.

Practice Makes Perfect

Studying the material is vital but practicing taking tests can be even more important because it will help you learn what to expect and you will also find it easier to retain the information after you have had to "work" with it. So do as many practice tests as possible.

Common Sense or Thinking Like a Cop

There is a federal mandate that states you are not required to know police procedures before taking the test but those who create the tests consider that some of these procedures are purely common sense and include them in the test. They are a critical measurement of both your judgment and common sense.

However, it isn't all just common sense and that is why those who have police officers in their family or among their friends tend to do better because they are already accustomed to how cops think.

Studying some of the police procedures beforehand will definitely give you an advantage if you don't have any friends that are in law enforcement. Most of the questions place you in a particular situation and ask what your response would be. These situations are based on real life police events and this is where knowing procedures and priorities can be vital.

For example, protecting the welfare of citizens, victims and fellow officers will always be more important th

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