Things Have to Know Before Choosing a Kazakh University for MBBS Course

Author : jagvimal
Publish Date : 2020-06-14

Things Have to Know Before Choosing a Kazakh University for MBBS Course

  • The Majority to Choose for Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Every year thousands of Indian students looking to study MBBS in abroad and the majority of the students choose to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

  • Recognized Medical Universities of Kazakhstan

The medical program of Kazakhstan is appreciated in the world and medical bodies of several countries have recognized medical universities of Kazakhstan which is why it is considered a wise decision to study in the country.

  • Numerous Medical Schools Taught in the English Language

Kazakhstan has numerous medical schools that are considered one of the best in the world and the complete medical program is taught in the English language.

  • Judges a Country on the Basis of the Clinical Training

Every student judges a country on the basis of the clinical training which is provided to the students and Kazakhstan provides the students with an excellent medical program in which focus in gives towards clinical training to ensure that the students are well equipped with all the necessary knowledge when they graduate and can apply for a job anywhere they want.

  • Variety of Options Get Specialization

Kazakhstan provides all the courses in the medical program which gives the students variety of options in which they can get their specialization.

  • Safe Place to Stay in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a safe place and the country has a very low crime rate which is why students and the parents do not have to worry about their safety at all.

  • Get a Visa to Study in Kazakhstan

It is very easy for the students to get a visa if they choose to study in Kazakhstan and the government of India and Kazakhstan provide easy visa process to the students.

  • Have to Clear NEET and MCI

The students who are looking to study MBBS in Kazakhstan have to give the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam under the guidelines of MCI (Medical Council of India).

  • Low-Cost Medical Program in Kazakhstan

The low-cost medical program which is considered amongst the best in the world is of Kazakhstan and International students always apply for studying in the country.

  • Students Clear their Doubts Easily

The class sizes are kept small in all the Kazakh Universities which helps the students in clearing their doubts easily.

  • Consistently Maintains the Interest of the Students

The classroom coaching is also given due importance along with practical studies which consistently maintains the interest of the students.

  • Weather in Kazakhstan is Pleasant

The weather in Kazakhstan is pleasant and the Indian students like a lot in the country.

  • Find Tasty and Healthy Food Easily

The students can always find tasty and healthy food in the country and the Indian students can also find Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food in the country making it a comfortable place even for Vegetarian students.

  • Teaching Staff has Great Communication Skills

The teaching staff is an important part of any educational institution which makes it successful and Kazakh universities have an excellent teaching staff that has great communication skills.

  • Graduated from Kazakh National Medical University

The FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) results of the students who have graduated from Kazakh National Medical University are always high making them amazing prospects for students who are looking to study MBBS in abroad and not able to choose that from which country they should study the MBBS course.

  • Accommodation Facilities are Great

The accommodation facilities are also great in Kazakhstan Universities and the hostels are separate for girls and boys and the rooms are equipped with amenities.

  • Easily also Choose to Live Separately

The students can easily also choose to live separately other than hostels in economical accommodations available in the country.

  • Choose Your Dream Destination to Study MBBS

Every country has its pros and cons in terms of education facilities provided and if you weigh them wisely you can choose your dream destination to study MBBS in the country of their choice.

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