Teachers, Therapists and Healers Disguised As Animals

Author : Callum Hart
Publish Date : 2021-02-16

Teachers, Therapists and Healers Disguised As Animals

Many animals are truly remarkable healers. It's pretty well known now that dolphins, dogs, horses and many other species have the ability to sense cancer and other disease in humans. Often they will point to the problem spot repeatedly. And that's partly what makes them such good therapy animals, and why they can get results that traditional medicine often cannot.

For instance, science has shown that all cats from all around the world purr at the same frequency. Further, they've discovered that that exact energetic frequency, when applied to bone and tissue, accelerates healing!

Although Albert may not have included animal healers in his research work, he was right on target when he said:

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." -- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

As you allow yourself to see and respect animals as intelligent, responsive beings with spiritual qualities that we can admire and learn from, you'll begin to know them at a much deeper level, and they'll respond to you like you're more intelligent as well. (I can't tell you how often I hear from our animal friends how dense they think their humans are, and how hard it is for them to communicate with us!)






I was terribly ill many years ago. I couldn't eat more than a few sips of broth a few times a day. I often couldn't sleep because the pain of lying down would make me cry. This went on for almost three weeks.

Every day and night, my cat friends would work on me almost non-stop. One would position himself at my knees. Another would curl on my side, the side that hurt so terribly. The third would choose a spot by my head, and the fourth would carefully work on my heart and chest.

Only when they worked on me could I rest and sleep. And when I awoke, I would feel stronger. After the second week, I was able to begin short walks. After the third the pain was beginning to be a memory and I went on to recover.

The next time a cat gifts you with their purr, let yourself feel how deep into your own body the vibration goes. Also notice where it is directed. Often a cat will specifically choose where it sits with their human friend(s) - and the site is usually a problem area. It could be a knee, organ or injured area that your friend is attempting to help you with.

I've even seen cats who literally configure their bodies to flow the energy in a specific pattern, channeling degenerative and destructive energy lodged in 'hot' areas into shut down, 'cold' areas that need it.

Take a moment to thank them, offering gratitude for their ministering to you. Breathe with the purr, and allow yourself to vibrate with it as deeply as possible.

For all you know, they are healing you in the same way that shamans and healers have for centuries!

What if your cat, dog or horse seems repeatedly attracted to certain areas of your body with a feeling of worry, or you have a strong sense that they are trying to tell you something?

Do two things: one, communicate with them using the services of a professional animal communicator. Give them a voice so they can tell you what they are sensing, thinking or feeling.

Two, have yourself checked out medically. Thousands of people are alive today because they heeded their animal companions warning.

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