Loneliness Is Just An Illusion

Author : Eve Kavanaugh
Publish Date : 2021-03-16

Loneliness Is Just An Illusion

Sometimes, it's not your fault to feel lonely but, when anything negative attacks you, the first thought you need to come up with is acceptance. Acceptance takes us to the next step of remedy and doesn't clog our mind with negativity.

Coming to the nucleus of the article and vindicating the title of this piece, our mind can play games with us and cause us to believe in something that doesn't really matter. Loneliness is just one such thing. A lot of times, we find ourselves being alone and probably, lack of activity over a prolonged period can make us feel lonely.

Some things look menacing only when you start giving it a thought and loneliness is just one of its kind. You would do good to just look after what you are doing and even then, if the situation doesn't improve, you may look into the matter but, only if it haunts you repeatedly.

Sudden break-up in relationships, re-location, loss of a close family member can make you feel lonely but, believe you me, you are perfectly normal to feel that way in such scenarios.

If you look at what you've read, I have used "feel" in front of "Lonely" often and that is an outright indicator that, loneliness shouldn't really trouble you and is actually playing the cat and mouse with you.

Why I say "loneliness is just an illusion" is because, your thought process is the primary accused in making you feel lonely. When you are totally committed towards your work, loneliness wouldn't strike you and hence, how can you look at loneliness and say, it's a feeling? Feeling is something that impacts you much strongly and doesn't allow you to indulge in activities that are part of your routine. Hope you get my point precisely.

On a more positive front, when you feel lonely, try to reflect on yourself and what your life is like at that time. Chances are, you could find a solution to something that has been long bothering you and that is why, an illusion like loneliness can help you.

Another way of looking at is, loneliness can make you stronger. When you seek friendships and acquaintances in life, you actually become weak. But, when you find yourself lonely and start thinking about yourself, you develop self-esteem, self-confidence and many such traits that can work in your favor. Don't fear loneliness, embrace it and march forward with it.

I hope, I was able to add some input to your lonely mind. Fight anything that bothers you for, that's what our life is all about. Good luck.

Have you seen the movie, "In Pursuit of Happyness?"

I have, twice - first in a movie house, then in HBO. Both times, I felt like a pack of hungry dogs was tearing my emotions apart. Human struggle and drama always affect me in ways difficult to understand. But aren't we all?

The movie is a biographical drama of the life of Chris Gardner, a guy who was down and out of luck; who, together with his son, wrangled for a place to stay in the streets of New York while he tried to put back his life.

The movie, released in 2006, was hugely popular resulting to Will Smith's (who played Chris Gardner), nomination for an Oscan Award and a Golden Globe award for Best Actor, with good reason. It showed two things which never fail to touch the human emotional chord.

First: Our love for the underdog;

Second: Our urge to cheer them on to success.

Which Chris Gardner did, after working hard and fighting off difficulties that could have made weaker men give up and give in.

Towards the end, Chris became successful as a stock broker, allowing him to establish his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.

Is this where people stand up to give the movie (and Chris Gardner) a standing ovation? For most of us, it is.

Most of us take happiness as a by-product of success and success is spelled $UCCE$$. Contrary to popular belief, studies, upon studies show that this is never the case. True, money can buy you a lot of things that can make you happy, but happiness does not have a price tag.

According to Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, a professor of Business and Government Policy at the Syracuse University and author of Gross National Happiness: Why Happiness Matters for Americans and How we Can Get more of It," happiness is not about making a lot of money, having a perfect body, of making good grades in school.


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