Learn to Write a Great University Essay in 9 Easy Steps

Publish Date : 2020-08-03

Learn to Write a Great University Essay in 9 Easy Steps

Do you face difficulties in writing university essays? Well, there is no need to worry about it. Honestly speaking, anyone can write a great essay. Everyone has ideas and thoughts in their brain. It is just a matter of writing it down. A student simply needs to follow few steps to write a high-quality essay. Let’s dive into those steps that help a student in writing a great essay.


The following are some steps that are valuable in writing a good quality essay:



There are multiple types of essays. In the beginning stage of the essay, you have to select what type of essay you are going to write. The following are three common types of essay that are often written:


  • Descriptive Essay: It is a detailed essay written on a specific topic. Suppose, you decide to write an essay on Social Media, you would then explain the details of it. What is social media, types of social media platforms, benefits of social media, how businesses can benefit from social media, and so on? In a descriptive essay, a student has to cover all four corners of the topic.
  • Persuasive Essay: In such essays, a person has to convince a reader. These sorts of essays are mostly written to sell products and services. In this type of essay, one has to identify a problem and provide their solution to the readers.
  • Expository Essay: These sorts of essay guides as to how to perform any particular process. For Example, a person writes a step by step process of how to write an essay.



There are certain points to consider before writing an essay. Great essays are never blindly written without deep research. The essay requires research on the topic and the audience. Firstly, a student should thoroughly research the topic. Every segment of the topic should be researched deeply so that no single point is left during the writing phase. You should then understand the audience for whom you are writing.

A student should research those parameters that are unknown to audiences, what knowledge an audience should be given, and why a reader would want to read such a topic. Therefore, a research analysis is always a crucial part of an essay and university essay help UK a student in becoming a master in research analysis. Without proper research, you won’t be able to write an essay.



It is highly recommended to develop a thesis statement once you intend to write an essay. It should cover the main points of the essay. It must be concise and clear as a complete essay would revolve around the thesis statement. The most common mistake a writer do when writing an essay is that they move out of the topic. The thesis statement would be helpful in such a manner that it would make you stick to the topic as you have already jotted down main points.



The next procedure would be to create an outline of your essay. Information that is going to be written in an outline will derive from the thesis statement. Writing an outline is writing a complete draft copy of an essay. Outlining an essay would guide a writer in writing an introduction, body material, and conclusion. The phase makes the writing process easy for a writer.



The writing phase is the most important part of an essay. It has been observed that several students face difficulty in this part. A student is often confused about where to begin the essay. In various cases, the introduction part is difficult to write. In such circumstances, it is highly recommended to start an essay with the body material.

While writing an essay, a student should just keep writing their words instead of focusing on minor mistakes. Mistakes can be corrected in the later phase. In the writing phase, the main focus is to bring ideas and useful thoughts from the brain. But, this point should be kept in mind that all the written information must be based on the outline stage. 



When you are writing an essay, make sure the information, quotes, and statistics are taken from trustworthy sources. Otherwise, it may affect the quality of an essay. Numerous platforms can guide a student in finding relevant information. A student must ignore an article published by another student. He should only follow the articles, data, and information of experienced professionals. There are higher chances of credible information from such professionals.



Edit is a process that comes straight after the writing phase. We all should be aware that the writing phase is nothing as compared to the editing phase. Editing is everything in writing an essay. This stage corrects your mistakes from the essay. A student has to check and correct the grammatical and spelling mistakes from an essay. However, they can also take help from low price essay writing service uk, that also proofread essays. A process also helps a writer in adding any relevant information or removing unnecessary data as well.



Reviewing is the last stage of writing an essay. A review is a process where a writer double-checks the complete essay from introduction to conclusion. In this phase, a student should read the whole essay in such a manner that he can hear his voice easily. With this technique, a writer would be able to point out errors from the essay as sometimes a listening power can also detect the mistakes from the essay. Therefore, an essay done with a review phase has fewer chances of mistakes.



Once a student has gone through all the nine steps of writing an essay, he should then check the plagiarism of an essay. Numerous plagiarism software is available in the internet market. Few are paid, while others are free to use. Plagiarism software helps in finding out as if written content is original or copied from other sources. Such software is useful and is implemented by all the writers across the globe.

I would declare that writing an essay is not a difficult task. It requires practice and dedication. If a student is intending to write an essay then he should follow the above-mentioned nine steps. These are the simple and basic steps for writing an essay. Lots of people are confused about where to start an essay, where to find out relevant data, etc. Several thoughts may occur in the mind. Therefore in such circumstances, these steps would help in writing a great university essay.

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