How to write an Essay

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22

How to write an Essay

What is an essay?

Essay is a writing style, which provides the writer’s own altercation. Unlike the report style, the essay written in simple words, which makes it much easier to read. The essay divided into two types, one is formal essay and another is informal essay. In the practical world, essays generally used as political manifestos, literary criticism and arguments. An essay can used also as reflections or writer, recollections and observations. In general, the essays are write in prose, but they can also be write in verse. Nowadays, many countries are taking essays as a part of formal education. As because essays are a part of formal education, it is saw, that many students are used to learning formal essays or taking essay help in order to improve their writing skill. The word ‘ESSAY’ comes from French word ‘ESSAYER’, which means “to attempt” or “to try”. When the word essay comes in English, then it becomes “an attempt” or “a trial”. From there, the meaning of the essay remains the same, “an attempt”. A Frenchman, Michel de Montaigne, wrote the first essay. The term he used for his essay is “attempts”. A leading essayist, Aldous Huxley gives a guideline that is, “the essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything", and adds that”.

Now, the essay are in a three-pole frame, which are,

  • The personal and the autobiographical:

This is the easiest that feels most comfortable. It helps to look through from the keyholes.

  • The objective, the factual, and the concrete particular:

In the poll an essayist is not speaking directly about himself or herself, instead they used to turn their attention out words to something else.

  • The abstract-universal: Here the most of the essayists are the working on the abstraction, where the essays are mostly universal.

How many type of essay writing stages are there?

The essay writing is the easiest writing style and it is the fastest way one among other styles. An essay also has different writing styles like reports and letters. As it is the proofreading stage of a document, it needs to be cleared and well written. The essay writing typically divided in five stages, starting from topic selection and at the end of conclusion. The stages discussed below.

  • Purpose and thesis:

The topic of the essay needs to be the passionate one for the writer. The topic assigned; the writer might not have another chance to change the topic. For that, the writer needs to choose a topic, which can burn a fire into him, and as a result, the writer finds smoothness while writing it.

  • Research:

In this stage, the writer should start researching that topic. In the research, the writer can find any kinds of facts, which possibly be known to him, but also some are not. The research will help to recall or learn the new thing about the chosen topic. It will also create a strong relationship between the essay editor and the essay. The research also gives the writer a good amount of knowledge about the topic, which makes the essay more organized and more experiences full of knowledge. The researcher should focus on finding references and appropriate evidence.

  • Title and research statement:

Here in this stage, the researcher will final the title of the essay. All know it that the titles are very important for any writing. Here in essay writing, the research statements are an important part, where a writer will elaborate the topic and essay rewriter accordingly. Here in this stage the writer also finds the exact content of the essay from where the readers will get the knowledge about the whole writing. Now, the titles can be the same as the statements. From this, the writer can get to know the appropriate knowledge about the topic of the essay.

  • Body of information:

Now, after defining all the above parts, the writer will focus on the main topic, where to write based on the evidence has been found from the research, the part called the body of the essay. The body represents the main and the evidence topic of the essay, from where the reader will get to know about the research and find references. In this part, the writer only talks about the main topic, and their research.

  • Introduction and conclusion:

In the essay, total three parts are there, they are, Introduction, body and conclusion. Now, the introduction part comes first, then the body and after that the conclusion. Although the introduction placed in the initial of the essay like mba essay help. but still, it is better to write the introduction and conclusion after completing the body. The reason behind is that after reading the whole body, it is easy to write the introduction and conclusion. While reading the body, one can understand the topic and topic related sections, after that when a person tries to write the introduction and conclusion, it is easier for them to write.


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