Effective PMP Exam Prep Strategies

Author : perlapeugh
Publish Date : 2020-12-12

Effective PMP Exam Prep Strategies

Many of us now are getting interested with Project Management and I guess you are dreaming to get that Project Management Professional (PMP) title. And I'm sure you even have done everything you can just to get hold of that title.

On the other hand, have you been tired taking in all those knowledge you think is useful during the exam? Well, if you really want that title as soon as possible, let me share you some better strategies for effective PMP Exam Prep:

# 1 - In studying Project Management, you will be dealing with a whole lot of numbers, formulas and other mathematical equations. You should "Memorize Formulas". Even though you think they are boring and pointless, you need to push them into your mind. Now, the question is: "How?"

Numbers really give us a headache. But, it won't be that difficult if you take these tips. First, you could break them into smaller bits. One by one put those formulas into your mind. Take note: make sure that as you break them, they remained the usual formulas you've learned. Otherwise, the PMP Examination will be your doomsday. Second, understand what is the importance and use of formulas to Project Management. I guess putting them into words will be effective. Make a storyline or use your favorite films or characters about them. You could even make something funny with it so that you could easily familiarize those hard-to-get formulas. Try these two tips out and without a doubt, you will memorize those formulas.

# 2 - During the examination, we can't avoid the fact that there will be times we aren't able to get the correct answers. You need to "Guess The Best". The limited time given is only 4 hours and you should be able to answer all 200 questions before the time is up. If we are going to calculate it, you need to answer one question for 72 seconds only!


I can suggest that you need to practice yourself before the exam. There are PMP simulators on the Internet and try if you are able to guess and answer quickly the exam. Continue practicing it until you get used to it.

But you should remember, don't depend on guessing! Don't waste all your money, time and effort on studying yet never been used it during the exam. You have studied well so you won't have to rely on guessing.

# 3 - While you are preparing for the exam, you will be given a Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) as your manual. You should remember that "Answers Must Depend On The PMBOK". Every PMP Examinations is generally taken from the pages of the manual. You must not rely on the things you've learned through personal experience; it won't help you during the examination. Everything is in that manual so your answers must based there. The one thing you'll learn in this examination is humility - letting go of what you think is right and take whatever the PMBOK says to get right answers on the exam.

Take these 3 ways on how to make your preparation for the PMP Exam effective. Study hard and don't take these tips things for granted. Passing the PMP Exam will surely be difficult. Put everything you've learned in mind and heart. You will certainly receive the fruit of your labor and get that Project Management Professional title. Good luck!

Copyright (c) 2011 John Reiling

John Reiling, PMP, PE, MBA is an experienced Project Manager and certified Project Management Professional.



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