Choose Pharmacy College in Bhopal For Better Career Opportunity

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Publish Date : 2020-04-17

Choose Pharmacy College in Bhopal For Better Career Opportunity

India has long come out of the mental space that pharmacy is an option pursued by students who could not make it to a medical school. Now pharmacy as a career holds a bright future for its graduates.

The pharmacy curriculum aims at teaching the students how to prepare and dispense medicines. Pharmacy graduates can give healthcare advice as they gain good knowledge to evaluate drugs and drug use patterns. They also develop an exceptional understanding of the doctor’s prescription.

A pharmaceutical science career is full of opportunities; hence, worth pursuing. When enrolled in a right college, the success of your pharmaceutical career will touch heights.

A good pharmacy college will arm you with the knowledge and skills to support your career and help you achieve success in your life.

It is a nation-wide opinion that Pharmacy college in Bhopal are the best. It should become your educational destination without any second thoughts.

This is the list of some of the best pharmacy colleges in Bhopal:


● Millennium College of Pharmacy

● School of Pharmacy & Research, People’s University

● Sagar Institute of Research & Technology – Pharmacy

● IES University

● Laxmi Narain College of Pharmacy


Career options after completing a Pharmacy course:


● Marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry (Medical Representative)

● Production and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical sector in departments like medical devices, surgical dressings, veterinary medicines, biotechnological products, and so on. Pharmacy graduates are hired for cosmetic production, soaps, toiletries, and dental hygiene products.

● Drug Distribution Manager

● Market Researcher & Drug Developer

● Pharmaceuticals Distributors

● Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager

● Formulation Pharmaceutical Technology Scientist

● Quality Assurance Manager

● Business Development Manager

● Research and Development positions in the pharmaceutical industry

● Quality Control and Assurance (QC and QA)


Reputed Recruiters are:


● Dabur India Ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories, etc

● Hospitals – Max, Fortis and many more


Why Choose A Pharmacy College In Bhopal?


Best Faculty


There is an explosive number of new pharmacy colleges opening in Bhopal. A few of these colleges tend to skip a strict screening process while hiring campus faculty. This impacts the quality and level of knowledge imparted during the course. Therefore, joining a college with the best faculty is very important.

Contact the alumni, read online reviews and only then select a pharmacy college.

Quality Of Labs


A pharmacy course requires long hours of training; hence, go for a college that has a well-equipped lab.

For instance, the School of Pharmacy & Research, People’s University has separate labs for different subjects and hence, provides a better learning opportunity to the students. They have labs for:

● Pharmaceutics Lab

● Pharmacology Lab

● Pharmacognosy Lab

● Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab and so on


Good Campus and Hostel Facilities


You will need at least 4-6 years to complete a pharmacy course depending upon the course you have chosen. You will have to stay on the campus and hostel for a long time. The facilities need to be satisfactory and clean.

Visit the college and hostel premises before you enroll yourself for the pharmacy course.

Another parameter to select a pharmacy college for admission can be whether it offers masters in pharmacy. A bachelor’s degree in this field might not be enough to help you achieve your career aspiration. Therefore, make a wise choice.

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