6 Words You Should Remove From Your Writing

Author : Sdebnath
Publish Date : 2020-04-19

6 Words You Should Remove From Your Writing

Words are a powerful weapon. They can make or break your content. Boost the power of your writing by eliminating weak words. Using these words will weaken your writing and therefore you should avoid them as much as possible.

New guidelines for creating online articles stress using natural language. But using some commonly spoken words may weaken your articles. The end goal of online writing is to inform users and convert them into customers. Whether you write for your own blog or hire writers from a content mill, powerful content always gets the message you want to convey.

On the other hand there are several words which we often use when speaking. While this is not harmful during speaking, using them in your writing will significantly degrade the quality of your article.

Below are 6 such Weak Words That You Should Avoid While Writing Your Copy.

1. Really

Don't use "Really" in your copy. Removing this word will eliminate vagueness in your writing. Sometimes, you can use "really" to emphasize or exaggerate. However, readers prefer to respond better to specific measurements. Instead of using "really", quantify your measurement.

2. Think / Believe

Avoid "think/ believe" as these words may turn your statement into an opinion. Be precise and provide facts. Avoid these words as much as possible as these words give an impression that you are not sure of yourself. Instead, provide transparent information to assure your reader that your content is full of information.

3. A Lot

"A lot" is as vague as "really". Provide your users with specific information not vague words. Using such words reduces clarity and reduces your credibility as well. Otherwise your readers will prefer to stay away from you. Use units like percentage or other. Using quantitative information creates credibility.

4. Entirely / Completely

Avoid these two words. They are nothing but fillers and do not provide any extra information. Use descriptive words if you really want to illustrate completeness.

5. Absolutely

"Absolutely" is another word to delete from your copy. It is unnecessary and often overused term. Using such words not only reduce the quality of your copy but also make it wordy. Avoid them as much as possible.

6. Obviously / Undoubtedly

Do I have to tell you to avoid these adverbs as much as possible? These adverbs take your readers away from your statement. Instead of emphasizing your statement, these adverbs reduce the importance of your copy. Avoid them.

7. Always / Never

Often these words are not true. You can use “most”, “many”, or “frequently” instead of using “Always”. On the other hand, use “few”, “rare”, or “occasional” in place of “never”. When you don’t have exact information using these alternative words is rational.

8. Kind of / Sort of

These phrases make your writing sound vague. This gives a clear indication that you are not sure about your statement. So, why use them? You are writing to convince your readers. Don’t weaken your copy by using these phrases.

While avoiding these words manually is not always possible, there are several proofreading and grammar checking software like ProWitingAid available in the market. ProWritingAid can automatically catch these vague words from your writing and provides alternatives.

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