5 things to know before admissions in nursery school

Publish Date : 2020-11-27

5 things to know before admissions in nursery school

A play school is not just the first step of a child outside the home, but it is also the first platform for learning and experiencing a new world. A nursery school sets the foundation for learning, growth, emotional development, etc., that benefits a child to advance further for future schooling.

For parents, getting admission to a school with the best facilities is of utmost importance, as passing out from the right school is a ticket for future success. Parent's school choice is driven by perception, reference from other parents, and school infrastructure. There is more, which parents should ask from schools –

How future-ready is a school?

It is vital to know how a school is prepared for the future. A school must guide children to develop skills that can help them navigate the uncertain future and succeed in the future era's jobs and workplace. Good future schools ensure to:

  • Teach children to adopt uncertainty and changes

  • Guide them to work in groups, and think critically to solve problems in a collective manner

  • Children are taught to tolerate ambiguities

How skilled are the teachers?

It is a rare phenomenon for parents to meet the teachers before admitting their child. It is a big mistake, as the teachers are the people who will mould your child. Research for the years of experience a teacher has and does the school encourage teachers to undergo periodic professional development to keep them updated on new teaching methods. Speaking to a teacher is more important than spending time with an admission counselor, as he will typically talk from a 'selling' point of view.

Is the school providing Child-Friendly Facilities?

A nursery school campus plays a vital role in safe and engaging facilities for a child. Health and safety are the most important considerations, and well-trained staff with appropriate safety measures is the most critical aspect.

Learn about the school's resources, like smart screens, gadgets, and tools designed to teach children effectively. More outdoor activities for the little ones, as science tells us that getting hands dirty outdoors improves health and brain function.

Know the documents required for admission

Keep all the required documents handy to make the admission process more comfortable. The general list of documents needed are:

  • Passport size photos of the child (Some schools also demand the child's picture along with parents)

  • Copy of child's Aadhar Card and also of parents

  • Copy of Passport (if available)

  • Address proof – the electricity bill, passport, voter ID card of parents, etc.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Child's bank account number (Required in case of subsidy)

  • Unique documents in case of single-parent or children with special needs, etc.


A nursery admission is a stepping stone for a child's higher education. Parents must consider the board of education that each school follows. In India, schools follow various curricula like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, and the individual state boards. A parent must compare the respective board or institution that the school follows, as this serves as a guide for the future education of your child.

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