神奇女侠1984-Wonder Woman 1984 完整版 2020 (行动) 4K

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Publish Date : 2020-12-19

神奇女侠1984-Wonder Woman 1984 完整版 2020 (行动) 4K

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  新反派豹女(SNL的克里斯汀·韦格饰演)、Max Lord(“红毒蛇”佩德罗·帕斯卡饰演)也亮相。Lord这个神秘的有钱人在线作妖,外表良善的豹女并不简单

《神奇女侠》续集计划于2020年6月5日上映。尽管DC Extended Universe(DCEU)的某些部分正在重新启动-Ben Affleck和Henry Cavill分别离开了蝙蝠侠和超人的角色-Gal Gadot的《神奇女侠》曾经这是2017年的大型首映式,并且还在紧锣密鼓地进行中(Jason Momoa的Aquaman也是如此)。《神奇女侠1984》将是继《猛禽:解放后的自杀小队》之后的第二部DC超级英雄电影,明年发行。



加尔·加朵(Gal Gadot)将以戴安娜(Diana)的身分重返(神奇女侠)。她面对两个潜在的恶棍。其中一部影片是《麦克斯·洛德(Max Lord)》,由佩德罗·帕斯卡(Pedro Pascal)扮演。但主要的反派人物是克里斯汀·威格(Kristin Wiig)扮演的芭芭拉·密涅瓦(Barbara Minerva),又名猎豹。她没有出现在预告片中很多,但是当她出现时,她似乎是在挥舞喜剧的肌肉(认为是伴娘),而不是在与戴安娜的交流中引导传统的超级邪恶。

In the 1980s, the US-Soviet Cold War period. The heroine’s golden armor is transformed into a cool, more powerful combat force, and the mantra lasso sets are flying into the sky ⚡Her dead lover Steve Trevor is also back, Diana’s longing has a result, but there are What mystery...
   The new villains Leopard Girl (played by SNL's Christine Wegg) and Max Lord (played by "Red Viper" Pedro Pascal) also appeared. Lord, this mysterious rich man acts as a demon online, the good-looking leopard girl is not simple

The sequel to "Wonder Woman" is scheduled to be released on June 5, 2020. Although some parts of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) are restarting-Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have left the roles of Batman and Superman, respectively-Gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" was once a major 2017 premiere, and It is still in full swing (the same is true of Aquaman of Jason Momoa). "Wonder Woman 1984" will be the second DC superhero movie after "Birds of Prey: Suicide Squad after Liberation" and will be released next year.

In fact, "Wonder Woman 1984" was filmed in 1984, which was a huge leap from the original movie to the sequel: the first Wonder Woman movie was released during World War I, and Wonder Woman still Not completely aging.

At the end of the first movie, we discover that Diana is the daughter of the god Zeus, which means she is immortal, at least immortal. Although we saw her age from childhood to young woman in that movie, she does not seem to be between the 1910s and the 2016 Batman v. Superman incident. So now we find ourselves in the 1980s, Diana looks exactly the same as in 1910 and 2010.

Gal Gadot will return (Wonder Woman) as Diana. She faced two potential villains. One of the films is "Max Lord", played by Pedro Pascal. But the main villain is Kristin Wiig (Kristin Wiig) played Barbara Minerva (Barbara Minerva), also known as the cheetah. She didn't appear much in the trailer, but when she appeared, she seemed to be wielding the muscles of comedy (thinking to be a bridesmaid) rather than channeling the traditional super evil in her communication with Diana.

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