How to choose the perfect recording studio for you

Publish Date : 2020-04-05

How to choose the perfect recording studio for you

So, you’ve got a plan, you’ve got your track-ready, perfectly done with your vocals and have built everything to reach the level of getting your music recorded in a professional recording studio.


But do not know exactly where.


Well, with the hike of competition, there are a plethora of choices to record your professional track but make sure you make the right choice. Picking a perfect recording studio for you could be a long haul of course but not if you adhere to the following agenda.

We’ve got a list of things that would help in making your rundown process a lot easier.


Kit & Kaboodle


The kit and kaboodle here mean the gear or equipment that should certainly fit your needs and wants. The availability of equipment in a recording studio is directly linked to the stature and standard of the particular studio. Gears such as microphones, instruments, studio monitors, audio interface, digital converters and other elements that are extremely essential to shaping a recording, states an overall judgement of a studio. However, a well-equipped recording studio which perfectly aligns with your taste is assumed to take you towards productivity according to a philosophy, which is obviously a good sign for your project. In case you have any specific choices related to recording gear, you must contact them directly and clearly make them aware of your requirements before investing.

People Power


The availability of crew in a recording studio is also a significant factor in the process. Perhaps how will you discuss your musical ideas? Who will help in shaping your track? The lack of communication with the producer, recording engineer and the further troop doesn't really add any productivity or augmentation in your track. Popping off relevant ideas favourably is a collaborative shot which further results in capturing the best performance from an artist. However, looking for the best people might pay to do some research yet truly worthwhile. It can even lead to a kick start to your music career. Plus, this way can be beneficial to both the parties in getting the best out of each other.




However, music is the energy of art that requires a peaceful environment but do not go with this speculation. As the majority of the recording studios are available in the cities in addition to the monotony of a rat-race, all you need is to cross-check the availability of certain facilities and gears that meet your needs. Anyhow, we suggest you pick the studio within your designated area so that it doesn’t bother you travelling on a daily basis. Just make sure the option you are picking to track your song is worth the investment.


The Spending Plan In most endeavours the more you pay for something, the better it is. For instance, you buy a Mercedes for thousands of dollars but in case you need conveyance to the supermarket to get milk, maybe a bicycle will do. Similarly, it is in the case of studios, if you do not have the requirements of a fancy big studio with all the bells and whistles, maybe a small studio with a whistle will do. However, the technology has evolved and it has become like a highway-robbery to spend on fancy recording studios. Regardless of your budget, you can even build a team to record your music, if only you have the confidence to handle the things. Remember, spending a large amount of money is not the exact goal but the key is to know what you are getting. Not the cheapest rates always have bad quality and not the highest rates always offer the best results.




The value of space in a recording studio should be sold short. The size and elements handed in to decorate and rig the control room might collide with the sounds and tones you are hoping to create. For instance, cramped or snuggled types of spaces might deliver a “dead” tone because the microphone might chalk up less echoed sounds, further leading to unsatisfactory results Contrarily, huge rooms with more echoed surfaces would be less controlled but can turn out surprisingly satisfactory results. However, there’s a scope of everything in between but taking your investments into consideration, analysing and monitoring the things beforehand that meet your requirements is no harm.


Over To You


Now that you are armed with the answers to your specific questions about choosing the perfect recording studio for you. We hope you reach your road to success very soon. The digital age has made things really convenient where you can anytime browse the studios near you and inquire about the facilities that fit your needs and wants. Just make sure you’re ready with all the things before investing in a recording studio. Hope the above-mentioned factors have helped you. Let us know in the comment section below what influences you most about the recordings studios. Is there anything we’re missing?


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