Here is your best vape- Dr Dabber CBD Vape Pens

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Publish Date : 2020-04-03

Here is your best vape- Dr Dabber CBD Vape Pens

Vaping and CBD have gradually grown over the past decades, with CBD oils and capsules being the conventional methods of ingesting CBD into your body. CBD vape pens are gaining traction as the best units to vape CBD. With a wide selection of flavors, you can enjoy a fresh burst of cannabidiol. This makes CBD vape pens the most pleasurable methods of getting cannabidiol into your system.

However, it can be overwhelming to choose the right unit due to the many brands out there. Well, we'll help you make the right choice to select the CBD pen that suits your needs.

What is a CBD vape pen?

A CBD vape pen is a pen-shaped electronic device designed for inhaling CBD vape juice and concentrates. CBD vape pens have become increasingly popular. They are meant for both veterans and newbie vapers since it lets you experience medicinal benefits in no time.

The most amazing thing about CBD pens is that there's no combustion, so you don't have to deal with any health consequences. It offers you all the potential benefits of whatever cannabinoid you're ingesting without feeling any unpleasant burning sensation.

CBD vape pens are available in two categories:

  • Refillable. A refillable CBD vape pen is a CBD pen that can be refilled once the CBD cartridge is empty. It provides an excellent choice for consumers, and it's cost-effective in the long run.
  • Disposable. Disposable CBD vape pens are simply disposed of when you're done with it. They are generally composed of pre-filled vape juice, an atomizer, and a battery. They are affordable, lightweight, and require no maintenance, simply use it when done throw it away.


Components of a CBD vape pen


If you fancy a vape pen, there's a high chance you'll be thrilled by its sleek design and how easy it is to use. With these four components, you'll be ready to get some really nice clouds.

  • Battery. The battery is a rechargeable piece that powers the vape pen.
  • Mouthpiece. A mouthpiece is where the real thing happens. It's where you inhale the vapor.
  • Atomizer. This is where the CBD vape oil is heated to vaporize.
  • Tank/cartridge. CBD cartridges hold the concentrate to be vaped.


How do CBD vape pens work?


Using a CBD vape pen is such a hassle-free process whether you've ever used a vaporizer or not. Besides, you don't have to know that much to make some impressive clouds.

Once you've assembled your vape pen, power on the push-button, and draw in from the mouthpiece and hold for a few seconds before exhaling. If you're a first-time user, perhaps you'll experience a temporary cough since the vapor can be slightly irritating to the throat when you're not used to it.

Best CBD vape pens

Finding the best vape pen can be a daunting task for beginners. With tons of options to choose from, it can make your buying process somewhat complicated.

However, here is a list of the best vape pens you'd love to try.

CBD Cartridge Citrus Blend

Do you want to awaken the taste buds with a citrus flavor? Well, CBD cartridge citrus blend is ideal for you. Besides, this device blends well with a medley of citruses such as lime, lemons, and grapefruits. It's a THC free lab-tested unit with approximately 250mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids.

CBD Cartridge Original Blend

This CBD oil vape pen offers a satisfying terpene blend with candied fruits, sour-seeded berries, and citrus. With a broad spectrum distillate of about 250mg cannabinoids, it's lab-tested, without any percentage of THC.


CBD cartridge - Fresh Blend

CBD cartridge fresh blend offers a wide variety of notes from mint, pine, fresh-cut grass, and cucumber. It's extracted from U.S. grown hemp, and it's THC free. Since it's lab-tested, you don't have to worry about getting high. The CBD vape cartridge contains around 250mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids.

CBD Cartridge - Robust Blend

CBD cartridge robust blend has a high flavor profile with tones of violets and bourbon, which gives the terpene a sweet flavor. It also contains 250mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids. The CBD pen is lab-tested and is made of botanical terpenes

Dr. dabber CBD vape pens are the number one products worthy of consideration. If you want to have an enjoyable vaping experience, consider trying any of the listed CBD pens. However, the device's battery is sold separately.

Remember vaping should be fun keep in mind investing in a decent CBD vape pen will determine the quality of your vape sessions.


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