Getting Employed With ITIL - The IT Service Management Qualification

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Publish Date : 2021-05-04

Getting Employed With ITIL - The IT Service Management Qualification

The ITIL qualification is based on a series of books issued by the Office of Government Commerce, each dealing with an aspect of IT Service Management or a stage in the Service Lifecycle. There are four tiers of ITIL certification: Foundation and Intermediate level certificates are awarded for passing certain course modules, ITIL Expert is automatically attained when a student has accumulated a certain number of modular credits; ITIL Master is assessed through peer-review and written/oral examinations, and is based on practical expertise as well as understanding of the method.

IT Service Managers

Over half of all IT Service Management jobs advertised in the UK in 2008 specifically required ITIL certification. The average UK salary for an IT Service Manager was £47.5k, but a high frequency of jobs were cited offering £50-£59k per year. The highest average salary for an IT Service Manager was £69k, in Sussex.

An IT Service Manager is responsible for the products and solutions provided by IT departments and organisations for businesses, projects and teams. Good sources of UK-based IT Service Management jobs are:

IT Jobs Watch UK

The Grey Matters Recruitment Organisation

Who needs it?

It is not only IT Service Managers who need ITIL. Other positions that require knowledge of ITIL are Analysts, Test Environment Managers, Service Desk Engineers, IT Project Managers and IT Architects. The average salary for an IT professional with an ITIL qualification is £42,206.

Who uses it?

IT is now fundamental to almost every business and organisation, and guidelines are invaluable to every IT department. Official users include:

o Microsoft


o Barclays Bank


o Guinness

o Procter & Gamble

o British Airways

o Ministry of Defence

o Hewlett Packard

How to get ITIL-qualified

The ITIL Foundation exam usually follows a three-day training course, which covers the key concepts and principles, the terminology and selected roles, processes and functions of ITIL, as well as providing a general overview of the Service Lifecycle. The Foundation is essential to proceeding to the Intermediate, Expert and Master levels.

Network design professionals don't just develop and design networks for business; they install and maintain them too. As a result, the network design professional has become very much in demand by businesses all over the world.

Most network design professionals work with some of the most advanced Windows-based networks in the world. However, the beauty of Windows is that it is now the universal standard for all basic networks, and once you are qualified in this particular operating system the job opportunities are not limited to your home country. Internationally recognised qualifications are accepted throughout the world, so the chance to expand your career horizons is much greater than by choosing to specialise in one particular area. Many network design professionals work as consultants, so the range of work is also infinite. In one week you could be designing and setting up a system for a small business where only a couple of computers need to be linked - the next week you could be facing the challenge of incorporating overseas offices into a multi-national's network system. The possibilities are endless.

Training to become a network design professional means commitment, dedication and hard work, but the rewards are well worth the investment of both time and money. Routes to retraining are now plentiful, with many online courses offering the chance to retrain from the comfort of your own home. However, some major IT training institutions have found that a far more effective method is to offer a combined, synergistic training programme that incorporates both online and electronic training and direct classroom experience. Having the opportunity to go to a specially designed training centre during your course and reap the benefits of face-to-face interaction with your tutor is still one of the best ways of learning. Reinforcing the work done online by practical, hands-on experience in the classroom is the best way to produce good results, which is why the best training organisations prefer to combine their online, electronic and paper-based training with classroom tuition.

Once you have a grounding in network design (preferably through a Microsoft accredited qualification, offering you the greatest flexibility for future careers), you can then start to think about specialising in specific network design areas. Perhaps you come from an engineering background - in which case a network that incorporates the CAD technical drawing systems into it may benefit from your previous experience.

This is also another thing to consider when choosing your computer courses. What 'cross-over' skills can you bring to your new career? Choosing a course that gives you the ability to utilise skills learned in other fields can put you above network designers that perhaps don't have those skills, thus increasing your value as a network designer to the business community.

Whatever training system you choose to go with, one of the most essential elements is the level of support you will receive throughout your course and if that support continues past the final exam and into the world of work itself. Good training providers not only help you to qualify in your new career - through their network of contacts within the business they may also be able to help you get your first foot on the rung once you're ready to take your skills to market.

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