Data science course training in india

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Data science course training in india

About the Data Science Course Training in Hyderabad

Data is everywhere, which is growing exponentially globally, and this can still grow at an accelerating rate for the foreseeable future. Businesses generate massive amounts of data in the form of blogs, messages, transaction documents, mobile device data, social media, etc. By using this data effectively, a business firm can create vital value and grow their economy by enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, and delivering more value to consumers.

Data science course training in india helps in combining the disruption into categories and communicating their potential, which allows data and analytics leaders to drive better results. Top businesses thought there is a necessity to analyze the data for significant benefits. They use the insights from data for the benefit of users.

Human decision making is becoming increasingly inadequate to pander to a never-ending expansion of the data. However, Data Science and Machine Learning are excelling in solving highly complex data-rich problems. To think beyond the human brain and maintain the balance with the information that’s evolved, disrupted, and being employed the sectors altogether, data scientists foster new methodologies. Data scientists must try ‘big data expeditions’ to explore the data for previously undiscovered value – the first common application of data science. Typical applications include marketing segmentation, advertising, tweaking dynamic pricing models, or banks finding risks and adjusting the financial risk models.





What is the scope of Data Scientists in India?

In this Data eruptive field, businesses need a head who owns a brain that is good at maths, finesse, the eyes of an artist, and more.

Data Science is quoted as the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century by Harvard Business Review

There is a severe shortage of Data Scientists with excellent analytical skills and deep quantitative abilities who can analyze big data across all industries. The method of realizing questions, data, product use cases are done by applying their curiosity, quantitative skills, and intellect toward understanding big data are now called data scientists. This most in-demand position, therefore, businesses are in dire need of the people who can solve complex challenges and foster growth.

What are the modes of Data Science course training at Hyderabad?

We provide classroom training on Data Science in Hyderabad for the individuals who believe hand-held training. We teach as per the Indian Standard Time (IST) with In-depth practical Knowledge on each topic in classroom training, 80 – 90 Hrs of Real-time practical training classes. There are different slots available on weekends or weekdays according to your choices. We are also available over the call or mail or direct interaction with the trainer for active learning.

For any queries feel free to call/whatsapp us on +91-9951666670 or mail at [email protected]

Data Science Batch details

Data Science New Batch Details

Schedule/Day Date Timings
Weekday Batch (MON-FRI) 04/05/2020  8AM, 10 AM, 7PM
Weekend Batch (SAT-SUN) 02/05/2020 10 AM
Online Batch 13/04/2020 8AM, 10AM, 7PM
Student Program N/A N/A

Current Available Slots

Timings Total Seats Available Seats
8AM (MON-FRI) 15 5
10AM (MON-FRI) 30 (2 classrooms) 10
7PM (MON-FRI) 15 8
10AM (SAT & SUN) 30 (2 classrooms) 12
ONLINE – 6AM,7PM 20 10

Note: Demo On Every Saturday & New Batch Will Starts On Every Monday


Data Science Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Data Science

2. Python - Core, Advanced

3. Python for Data Analysis & Visualization

4. Understanding Text using Python





8. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Text Mining

9 Artificial Intelligence

10 Deployment


Growing Demand

Harvard Business Review About Data Science

Job opportunities (Careers) in Data Science

Data Scientists are needed for businesses in every Industry. Even fortune companies as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft need data science experts who have in-depth knowledge of data extraction, data mining, visualization, and more. Some of the leading data science careers are

  • Business Intelligence Developer, with an average salary of $89,333, to design and develop business strategies for quick decision making and growth.
  • Data Architect, whose average salary is $137,630, builds data solutions that can be applied on multiple platforms.
  • Applications Architect, whose average salary is $134,520, tracks applications behavior and applied in the business to analyze the way they interact with the user.
  • Industry Architect – with an average salary of $126,353, to analyze the business system and optimize accordingly to support the development of updated technologies and system requirements.
  • Enterprise Architect with an average salary of $161,323 to work with stakeholders, including management and subject matter experts (SME), to develop a view of an organization’s strategy, information, processes, and IT assets.
  • Data Scientist, with an average salary of $139,480, to explore, analyze, visualize, and organize data for the companies. They analyze the complex data sets and process to find patterns for decision making and predicting the business and drive strategies.
  • Data Analyst- with an average salary of $83,989 to transform and manipulate large sets of data, which incorporated web analytics tracking and testing.
  • Data Engineer – with an average salary of $151,498, to perform real-time processing on data that is visualized and stored.


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