Why Is the OPGW Live Line Replacing Buried Data Cable?

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Publish Date : 2021-05-31

Why Is the OPGW Live Line Replacing Buried Data Cable?

A primary reason the initial expansion of data cables spanned several decades was due to cost and a variety of external factors which telecommunication companies had difficulty controlling. These issues arose because they were forced to bury all of the data cables. The past decade has seen a rise in OPGW (Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire). This new design allowed for a compact and interference free signal while leveraging electric power lines instead of being buried. Power networks have connected population centers for decades and are now providing an alternative telecommunication route as well.

No Right of Way Conflicts

One of the most difficult problems telecommunication companies faced when trying to bury their data cable was right-of-way conflicts. The first issue was civil works had to approve the cable route before digging began. This was to ensure the burying process would not cause damage to existing buried electrical lines or public works infrastructure, such as the water and sewer system. The second issue was competing with other telecommunication companies and associated businesses for specific ground related rights. As a result, many smaller communities only had one or two telecommunication companies to choose from. An OPGW live line allows telecommunication companies to quickly add and connect data cables through the existing transmission line infrastructure which bypasses all of the right-of-way conflicts.

No Threat of Injury or Accidental Damage

Maintaining and replacing buried data cable can quickly become an expensive proposition. There are numerous potential problems which can cause serious injury to individuals or the data cable when it is buried underground. The most common problem is in residential areas when a homeowner digs in their yard and accidentally damage is there data cable. To minimize the chance of this happening telecommunication companies would in case there cable and additional materials for added protection which resulted in higher installation costs. By using an OPGW live line a telecommunication company relies on the long-established safeguards built into the open air infrastructure.

More Cost-Effective Than Burying Cables

A big benefits for OPGW live line installation is cost-effectiveness. There are a variety of different ways using an OPGW live line proves to be more cost-effective than burying cable. The first area of cost savings is the elimination the digging and refilling process as well as the outer housing pipe required when burying cable. The second area of cost-effectiveness is how OPGW live lines are installed. Instead of buying or renting heavy machinery, telecommunication companies use a variety of smaller tools, such as a supporting roller, mobile unit, recover machine, tension wire grip, and variety of ropes to string up the OPGW live line. This process is notably faster as well which reduces the amount of work hours required to complete the project.

No Service Outage Required

The final reason OPGW live lines are popular is the ability to maintain service. If the lines are already connected to an existing telecommunication data infrastructure then service does not need to be stopped in order to string up the lines. The entire installation process can take place without interrupting service to their customers.

Whether you are a business or an individual, having a reliable Internet service provider is a vital part of your daily operations. There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a faulty connection or having to call your internet service provider often in order to be able to work online. When it comes to Internet service, the best vendor is the one who keeps you connected without any problems.

If you have problems on a regular basis and find yourself thinking about switching companies without knowing where to start, here you can find some helpful information before you make that switch.

First, it's important for you to know the different types of services. You have probably heard the word "broadband." This refers to high-speed services like cable, DSL, fiber optic, and satellite. These high-speed options keep you constantly connected. The other option besides broadband is dial-up. Although it's currently less common, in some remote areas it's the only option available. If you don't live in these isolated regions, a broadband connection is the best option for you.

When it comes to broadband, you also have several options to choose from:

- DSL: This stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and it works with a regular phone line. Some advantages of DSL are that it's usually cheaper than other options and that you will probably have more than one vendor to choose from. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of DSL is distance. The further you are from your provider, the less speed you will have and the less reliable your connection will be.

- Cable: Offered by your cable company, this operates thanks to coaxial cable TV wires. The biggest advantage is that unlike DSL, cable doesn't rely on distance to give you the speed and quality you need. The biggest disadvantage is that you have to share bandwidth with other people in your neighborhood. This means that the more people using the Internet, the slower your connection will be.

- Satellite: As the name indicates, it uses a satellite to beam the signal to their client's satellite dish. The greatest advantage is for people who live in remote areas. Satellite covers regions that DSL and cable don't. The disadvantages are that it's more expensive and slower than other options.

- Fiber Optic: This is the newest technology, as well as the fastest. It works thanks to an optical network that uses light. The main advantage is that it offers the highest speed and latest technology. The only disadvantage is that it's not available everywhere.

When choosing an Internet service provider, the first factor is location. Once you know what services are available in your area, you can make a decision based on your needs.



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