Vehicle Graphics, What Does It Cost And Why?

Publish Date : 2021-01-19

Vehicle Graphics, What Does It Cost And Why?

You have probably heard all about the benefits of vehicle graphics advertising and how it's the most cost-effective form of advertising for small business owners. You've probably heard that you could easily dominate your local market using vehicle graphics advertising.

I bet you're still wondering what vehicle wraps cost and what you need to spend. I am hoping that the following information will give you a good understanding of the various costs associated with vehicle graphics advertising.

Here's what you actually pay for and why:

1. The Initial Marketing Consultation:

This is the time spent with a marketing expert to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Not all companies do this but the ones that have an expertise in marketing usually do. Be cautious of companies who do not because this is an important part of the process. Some companies charge between $250 - $500 for the consultation and some simply build it into the price of the Wrap.

2. The Vehicle Graphics Design:

This process involves working with the designer to design the graphics. The cost of the Design usually ranges form $400 - $800. depending upon the complexity of the wrap. The better you are able to communicate with clarity, the faster the process, the better your results and the lower your design cost.

3. The Printed Vinyl and Laminate:

The cost of the material is usually the largest cost for most projects. Pricing is based on the square footage of printed vinyl.

The best vinyl's will obviously cost the most. They look similar but the real difference is in how well they hold up over time. Some low-cost vinyl will shrink and will leave a residue that is difficult to clean when removed.

Liquid Laminates cost much less than film laminates but are thinner and do not protect the vinyl as well.

See through Perforated Window Film is very popular but are fairly expensive especially when laminated.

Material cost is difficult to calculate so most companies have a general price based on the type of vehicle and the amount of coverage (Full wrap, 3/4 wrap, 1/2 wrap etc.)

You should expect to pay on average of around $8.00 -$10.00 per sq. ft. for printed and laminated vinyl and approximately $15.00 / sq. ft. for Window Perforated Vinyl.

4. Graphics Installation:

Many companies use in-house installers while other sub contracted installers who work for multiple companies. Sub contracted installers are usually the most experienced and the best in the industry so they cost more.

A good installer can make a huge difference in the finished look of the vehicle as well as the long-term durability of the wrap. Poorly installed wraps will lift prematurely or tear or may not be as neat in complex areas such as around door handles or mouldings.

You should expect to spend between $400 - $900 on a wrap, depending on the amount of coverage and the complexity of the installation.


There are a number of variable costs involved in wrapping your vehicle so it is important to discuss your project in detail before asking for pricing. If you are on a budget discuss your objectives with the company and ask them what they could do to achieve it within your price range. A good vehicle graphics company will advise you on the best type of coverage to achieve your results.

Vehicle Graphics Advertising should be considered a revenue generating activity. Once you know what you want to achieve you can focus on finding someone who can help you accomplish it.

The companies that get the best results are typically the most expensive but as they say you get what you pay for. Trying to save a few hundred dollars on a wrap may cost you ten's to hundreds of thousands in the long-run.

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