Top ways and tactics to use Yahoo mail with ease

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Publish Date : 2020-12-02

Top ways and tactics to use Yahoo mail with ease

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular mail around the globe. Yahoo has more than 100 millions active users. You can use this mailing service for sending mail, sharing files etc. Yahoo mail can be used for personal as well as for business use. It also provides various functions to make your job easy. You can use tactics on Yahoo for easier mailing.


Do not save the contacts

You don’t need an address book on your mail. Whenever you need to send a mail to any recipient, you just have to type the starting words of the recipient and you will see the auto-suggestions. The suggestions will appear according to the saved emails, habits, or history. With this feature, you can easily send emails on Yahoo without saving the contacts on the address book.


You can use the Boss mode

Boss mode is a special mode of Yahoo mail which helps the user to keep his account safe. For using the boss mode, go to the browser screen and click on the mountain like box on the Yahoo email lower left side panel. Hover the mouse on the boss mode and click on it. When you use the boss mode, it prevents your mails from all the hackers and cybercriminals. If you are using Yahoo mail on an unsecured network then using boss mode will help you to keep the mails secure. You can also change the Yahoo theme with boss mode instantly and provide a new look to your Yahoo.


You can use magazine styles on tablet PC

Yahoo offers a magazine style format for the tablets. This theme makes the reading more easy and exciting. On the tablet, double click on the full-screen mode error. The mail will open in the magazine-style. Now you can send or interactively send the emails. If you don’t like the magazine feature then you can easily switch it back to the normal mode.


Print your emails

If you are wondering how to print an email from Yahoo then you need to download the text, document, or attachment on the device. Once you download the mail on your device then you can simply print it like other documents. Go to your downloads and search for the downloaded file. Now press the ctrl and P keys from the keyboard. The print wizard will appear on your screen. Check the settings and then click on the Print option. Your Yahoo mail will immediately get print.


Create your notes on Yahoo mail

Open your Yahoo mail on the web browser and click on the notebook icon. You can use the notebooks to save all the notes but you can use this feature only on the web version. The note feature is not available on the Yahoo application.


Search mails by the sender

If you have received lots of emails then finding a particular mail in the inbox is very difficult. Yahoo provides a magnifying glass tool for finding the mail. Click on the magnifying glass icon and take the mouse pointer to the messages. Click on the message and you will see all the emails you have received from that sender.


Send SMS with Yahoo

Yahoo also provides an instant messaging service. If you want to send a message who is not on Yahoo then you can send the text message to the recipient. Click on the smiley face tab and type the phone number. Now type the text and click on the send button. The recipient will receive the message notifying you that you have sent them via Yahoo. 


Secure your mails with 2FA

Yahoo provides 2FA for keeping your emails secure. Whenever you log in to your Yahoo account, you will require an OTP along with the password. You will receive the OTP for Yahoo login on your registered phone number. Even if your password gets hacked, no one can log in to your Yahoo until he has the OTP. Yahoo provides various other features and makes Yahoo mail more simple and accessible.

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