Top Notch Benefits of Solar Energy Business

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Top Notch Benefits of Solar Energy Business

In Turkey, a new 1 GW module and cell plant was opened last year. And in Wroclaw, in western Poland, an organic solar cell factory opened in June. The gradual development of the sector is taking place throughout the region.

In the south of Spain, near Seville, the production of regional modules with a capacity of 5 GW per year is underway for large solar parks in the region. The cheapest electricity in Europe is produced here, since there is no shortage of sunny days.

Since June 2021, heavy-duty, high-performance solar modules have been produced in Freiberg, Germany, using SmartWire heterojunction technology. These modules produce approximately 20% more electricity per square meter than standard modules. This more efficient production technology also requires fewer resources and fewer steps in the manufacturing process.

In general, as we see, Europe is striving to win back positions from China, at least in the domestic market. It seems to be quite successful.

Construction of a solar power plant started at Polief

It will be the first SIBUR plant to produce green energy.

Petroleum and chemical plant "POLIEF" began construction of its own solar power plant. This became known following the results of the working trip of the head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov. He was shown an exhibition of industrial enterprises in the city of Blagoveshchensk. The Devon news agency learned about this from a message from the press service of the head of Bashkiria.

The design capacity of the future power plant will be 4.9 MW. The total area of ​​solar panels will exceed 8 hectares. The power plant is scheduled to be launched in 2022. The volume of investments in the project is over 250 million rubles.

POLIEF will become the first production site of the SIBUR holding to generate green electricity. In accordance with the sustainable development strategy, SIBUR plans to increase the amount of "green" electricity in the company's total energy balance by five times by 2025 compared to 2019. Electricity from solar panels will be directed to ensure the main production of the plant.

This will reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. In the future, the solar power plant will also provide energy for the new production of sustainable PET pellets with the addition of recycled materials.

In April, POLIEF began building a workshop for the production of "green" PET granules. It will consist of 25% recycled materials - used plastic bottles. The workshop is planned to be launched in the first half of 2022. The plant will be able to receive and process 34,000 tons of recycled plastic annually. Raw materials will be collected and brought from Bashkiria and neighboring regions (Devon News Agency wrote about this here).

Solar power plant with a capacity of 530 kW was launched near Rostov-on-Don

Power plant modules are highly efficient in converting sunlight into electricity and work as in cloudy weather

A solar power plant to provide electricity to the warehouse complex was launched on Tuesday near Rostov-on-Don, the information policy department of the government of the Rostov region reported. The power plant capacity is 530 kW.

"In the Rostov region, on the basis of Logopark Don, a solar power plant was installed to provide energy to the warehouse complex. More than 1,300 heterostructure bilateral solar modules are installed on an area of ​​about 10 thousand square meters. <…> It is planned that the solar power plant will provide a significant amount of electricity, consumed by the warehouse complex. Already now, the capacity of the first phase of the facility is 530 kW.

It is noted that the modules of the power plant are highly efficient in converting sunlight into electricity and operate both in cloudy weather and in extreme temperatures - from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees. The owner of the warehouse complex plans to implement the second phase of the solar power plant, doubling the amount of energy generated.

"Given the geographical location and the number of sunny days a year, the installation of local mini-stations at Don Enterprises and warehouses can become an excellent trend. Solar energy is rightfully considered one of the most environmentally friendly and even in the conditions of such small stations it will have a positive effect on the acclimate of the region ", - said Vyacheslav Timchenko, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov Region, whose words were quoted in the Information Policy Department.

Last week, the deputy governor of the region, Igor Sorokin, told TASS that the share of energy obtained from renewable sources in the consumption structure of the Rostov region should be increased to 10.1% in 2022.

In 2020, the Rostov region ranked first in the country in terms of electricity generated from renewable sources, due to the commissioning of a number of wind farms. The first wind farms were built on the territory of the Krasnosulinsky and Kamensky districts, their total capacity was 350 MW. At the end of June this year, another wind power plant with a capacity of 90 MW began operating in the Azov region.

ARVE expects grid parity in solar energy in 2027-2028, improved forecast

Investors in renewable energy in Russia expect "grid parity" between solar generation and conventional energy as early as 2027-2028. - a few years earlier than previously predicted.

"According to our forecasts, if solar generation continues the downward trend in prices, then it will equal the CCGT indicators by 2027-2028," Alexei Zhikharev, head of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy (ARVE), said at a briefing on Thursday.

According to him, before investors predicted that this would happen "beyond 2030." "Now we see that the Russian renewable energy, despite its small volumes compared to the world, has caught up with world indicators," Zhikharev said.

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