Top Businesses Ideas to Start in a Crisis

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Publish Date : 2021-09-27

Top Businesses Ideas to Start in a Crisis

If you've been fired due to the current health or economic crisis or are seeking a way to earn extra money at home, there are many business opportunities. While some regions of the economy have come to a standstill, other sectors are expanding. For example, delivery services, eCommerce, collaborative tools, home fitness remote workforces and collaboration tools have seen rapid growth.

We've put together an inventory of companies that, in the event of a crisis, can start your own business from the comfort of your home. A majority of these companies can be launched on the internet, have no cost or investment in equipment, and don't require any physical presence anywhere globally, which is excellent for the current situation.

Home-based and online businesses that you can begin right now:

Online fitness classes for kids

The sport is out of the way, and children can't attend practices or socialize with other children who want to stay fit and athletic. On the other hand, suppose you've got expertise in athletics, and you've been a coach on a volunteer basis for a children's sports team. In that case, you're in a great chance to provide fitness and indoor training classes using the internet's video conferencing system. Parents are more than happy to pay for the privilege of keeping their children entertained.

Personal Shopper/Errand Runner for Quarantine

Some at-risk individuals shouldn't be going to the grocery store. While there are services in the United States, such as Instacart, it is possible for a more personal feel company. Customers who aren't as tech-savvy, or even customers with tech skills, would like to speak with a natural person and look over their shopping lists and prescription list, with the specifics of what they require. The potential customer base could be a regular customer post the quarantine.

Strategic Advisor/Accountant/bookkeeper

Companies still have to maintain their books even when the economy isn't so great. More than ever, companies require accountants who are smart and are also strategic advisers. So set up your company with a focus on more than just having the books and taxes completed, but also helping to set up the financial reporting and financial records to ensure that your clients have better companies, can survive the current crisis and grow.

Financial Planner

Many people are going to suffer financially from this financial crisis. If you're certified to provide financial planning services or possess the knowledge required to be licensed and become certified, it could be an effective business. This service is simple to give online. A person with strong financial planning expertise and great interpersonal skills could bring a significant change to the lives of those struggling to think about their financial future. It is essential to establish a solid online presence and provide reasonable prices and services.

eCommerce Consulting Company

Are you a part of an IT company? Are you familiar with using the latest technology for business? More than ever, any established business will require the presence of an internet-based website. We're not sure about the impact of COVID-19 on how we run an enterprise in the coming years; however, there are bound to be some significant changes. Aid small businesses to get online, incorporate eCommerce and the right tools for customer service to simplify their business.

Pet care, dog walking

People at risk require assistance to get their dogs out. Likewise, those who have a medical issue seek someone to take care of their animals until they're in good health. The idea is more of a side hustle instead of a full-time job. However, there may be some cash to be made.

Virtual Assistant

Anyone working from home, even if being quarantined, has to deal with A lot. If they have children in school who are in school, they may be working at home while keeping their children in line through online education or simply educating their kids at home. Virtual assistants are an efficient way to plan and assist executives who have recently gotten busier and create a business that expands quickly and can survive once things have returned to a specific routine.

Virtual Tutoring Service

It seems like nearly every kid in America and across numerous countries has been brought at home. Schools are working to help kids learn and adapt to the changing times, but some kids require more. Some of them have parents who can be willing to pay more. You'll need to put together a group of tutors who are credible and also an entire virtual game strategy.

Remote Tech Support

This company can be targeted at all small-scale businesses, and those stuck at home and are more dependent on a television screen, internet, and television more than ever before. Help with troubleshooting problems with routers and other hardware, protect computers from viruses and malware as well as help to set up wireless routers within homes to provide the optimal connectivity for all members of the family. To begin this type of business, you must possess IT and networking knowledge. If you've been fired from your job and this is what you know, you might excel in this venture.

Online coaching / Digital courses

Do you have a talent that you could teach? If you are an expert in the field, this is the perfect time to consider putting this expertise into online classes or coaching online. For example, perhaps you're a Photoshop expert or could teach others how to create powerful PowerPoint presentations or improve their communication skills.

Perhaps you are knowledgeable about SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) and can show businesses how to increase their exposure online. The trick is to put your knowledge into a live or packaged online course for online or online coaching and promote them on the internet to your contacts. Then, utilize an online Learning Management System (LMS) and build an online course that showcases your expertise.

Disclaimer. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the authors Andrew Napolitano.

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