The Trial and Error Story of Business Success!

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Publish Date : 2020-07-16

The Trial and Error Story of Business Success!

The world of business is dynamic to its very core. This is an arena that changes much-much more than the weather in England. Predicting it can be close to impossible.

Many influential businessmen and women stepped into this world and just winged it through to attain success.

There isn't a particular formula or algorithm that can be followed for business success.

Some businesses work, and many do not, and nobody knows why. Some say it was the owner's fault, but what if the owner did everything right and yet ended up in losses, which is to blame, then?

An idea that did a thriving business earns millions of pounds may not work for you. And this is the reality of the business world.

How do I know this, some taught it to me, someone who learnt it the hard way.

Here is her story, which might teach you a thing or two about business and its pressure.

Introducing the Business Woman

Have you heard of Friends? It is a television series that first aired in 1994 and is still being loved by its audience.

I am almost sure you must have heard of it and its group of six friends, one of whom was Monica. Does the name ring a bell?

I am mentioning that Monica has a stark resemblance to the businesswoman we are going to talk about.

Monica had OCD, which is short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Our businesswoman also had it.

In this disorder, a person has to have everything on order, even if the sofa is half an inch crooked from its usual place, the person will keep on pondering over this fact until he or she has corrected it.

So, you can imagine how meticulous a person with OCD would be. Said meticulous to the point where perfection reaches its limit.

Our businesswoman was the same. Therefore, she never thought she would make such drastic mistakes in her professional life that she might end up with no career at all.

Her Trial

Our protagonist had OCD, as we have established, so she loved organising things, especially events.

Every birthday party, graduation and monthly get-togethers were her work of diligent planning. From the props and decorations to the food and beverages, every detail was exceptional and she loved every moment of the same.

Then came the moment when her sister had to get married, and she became the planner and the executioner without a doubt.

The event was so beautiful and went by without even the slightest of glitches that her family and friends encouraged her to make an event planning her profession.

So, she did.

She made a Facebook and an Instagram profile;

She made an account on LinkedIn as well;

And she also applied to many freelancing websites in search of a job.

And a few weeks later she got one.

Her Error

Can you tell me if she had done anything wrong? Continue reading to find out if you haven't.

The event that she got was a fundraising gala for about 200 attendees. She was lucky to have gotten such a high-profile event as just a beginner.

A high-profile event would have a lot of pressure and demands from the client.

Our protagonist was bound to succumb to it, and the day of the event was nothing short of a disaster.

She felt like everyone had bailed on her,

  • her caterer wasn’t on time, 
  • the cake was still being made an hour before the event;
  • the waiting staff was short a dozen people;
  • the guest seating had not been placed on the table;
  • and even the lighting was faulty.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Her client was not at all happy with her, and she told her the same, but not as nice, and she was fired.

She did not get any payment for all her efforts, and she had to pay her suppliers for the things they provided, even if they were faulty.

She had to apply to get an emergency loan to pay her dues. She would be forever thankful to Huge Loan Lender, who wired the loan amount within an hour of the application and could pay whatever was outstanding. If not for them, she would have lost her sanity entirely.

Her Learning

I will ask you again. What was her mistake?

Her mistake was that she took up a business venture just because her family asked her to, not because she wanted it.

Until you have faith in yourself and your ability to make an idea work, you cannot succeed. And giving your 100% into it would not make much of a difference.

She realised this fact a little too late, but she did.

Her dream of a business was not events; she did that just for fun. And when the fun is accompanied by pressure, it isn't as comfortable and pleasurable as before.

She took a break and regrouped and finally came to the realization that she would never be a good event planner because the pressure and the expectations were too much for her ever to handle.

She took a job in an interior designing firm and went on to become one herself after learning every tiny thing that could be learnt. Today, she is making more than enough for her. The pressure isn't too much for her to handle.

Winding Up

In the end, all that the businesswoman had to say was that until you are not sure that you can make a business idea work, do not step into the world with everything that you have got.

She did the same regretted it, although things did work out for her, sadly many of the others aren't as fortunate as her.                                                                                            

The business world is filled with sharks and turbulent waters that are ready to swallow the innocent tiny fish whole.

So, always ensure that you would be sound, at least financially, if your business were to fail. I know you say that it is the pessimistic approach to life. You are wrong, my friend; if you think so, instead, it is a realistic approach to life, which is the only driving force in the business world.               


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