Techniques on How to Self Build Log Cabins

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Publish Date :08/08/2019

Techniques on How to Self Build Log Cabins
It is true that when God created man, He made him in His own image and likeness so that man is gifted with almost everything that he can offer. The strength of a man may not compare the strength of an elephant but it is only man that can build wonderfully created structures and architectures and among which are log cabins. People owning cabins are often labeled as those belonging to the high society where paying for a sub urban house and owning a cabin all at the same time is so much more affordable. The good news is which remains to be factual good news is that man can actually build its own log cabin on his own. The following techniques will set a guide to give you the idea on how to self build log cabins. 1. Select a good location for you log cabin - when planning to self build cabins, the location on where to build it is a must as it will also determine the kind of cabin that you should be building to fit in with the area. Most people who successfully build their own log cabins uses concrete slabs and pier type foundations as these are not just affordable but also require the enough skill of an ordinary craftsman. 2. Know the over-all dimensions - it is important to be able to lay out the line of your building and to proceed digging up to 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide for the logs to fit in. Remember that these logs are all there are to give in to your new place so you better know how to make your foundation strong. You better connect all the necessary connections together with the pipes. 3. Have the materials delivered in no time - you can do this through a phone call made to your supplier while you are trying to finish the digging part. So that when the materials arrive, you are ready. 4. Make good with the materials - spread the cement on the holes you dig in order to concretize the whole area of the foundation. You can do this by using wheelbarrow. You also need to know the enough amount of cement and gravel that you need to make the whole spreading of it meaningful and strong. 5. Do the roof - you can do it by using 15 pound roofing felt to cover the slab area. Following this would be the pouring of gravel into the mesh and you better put small rocks on it as well to have a good stick. It is better to thicken the slab to about 3 inches and finish it with another spread of cement. 6. Do the finishing touches -after all these have been made out and the slabs are well founded using cement and gravel, you should then be able to decide whether or not to color your log cabin for its more beautiful look in the outside.

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