Show your Love to the world with significant Candle Boxes

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Publish Date : 2020-09-04

Show your Love to the world with significant Candle Boxes

A candle is a symbol of Love, passion, light, life, and can make many events more memorable and respectful. Candle holds much more significance in your than we realize. They are the only one who stays with us from birth till death. From the Sunday ceremony to Christmas, we can overlook their presence. So, it's essential to protect their flickering effect. Moreover, if a candle is placed in a quality box, its shelf life also increases. 

While having packaging is essential, you don't want to hide their beauty. You can also have an attractive graphic on the packaging. You make a candle box as beautiful as a candle. Candle box packaging with beautiful patterns can give a fantastic outlook to the candle. 

candle boxes by plus printers

If you are reading this blog, there's a probable chance that you in candle making business. So, you know very well how to make an attractive candle. But the true worth of your candle can only be presented through an equally beautiful candle box. 

So, without any further ado, let's get right into types of candle boxes and see what kind of pack is perfect for your candle. 

Types of candle boxes

There are various ways through which a candle can be packed depending on the candle size and type. For example, long pillar candles don't require packaging. You can laminate them to increase the protection and give a touch of elegance to tie up a ribbon around them. On the contrary, if you gift someone tea light candles without any packing, it would be quite unpleasant. 


Pillow candle Boxes

Pillow candle boxes are one of the most innovative yet reliable. These boxes are comparatively new in the packaging industry. Still, they have become popular very quickly. Small, unevenly shaped boxes attract many consumers, especially if there are good patterns printed on it. These boxes are likely to use as a gift box as there are very diverse in size and shape. Plus, you can
also, use them to pack other stuff as a retailer. 

Window Candle Boxes

Window boxes are perfect for show products like candles. These boxes can bring your candle into the limelight, such as two-piece candle boxes, drawer candle boxes, magnetic open and close boxes. Furthermore, a die-cut would make an excellent placement of front sale. The feature most practical above all is that retailers don't have to open the whole packaging up to show the candle.



There is a strong need for innovation in shape and design to show something beautiful. So, to sell candle wholesale, lamination is a very efficient way. In lamination, a thin layer is applied to a candle.

However, you can also laminate candle boxes to preserve the printing.

Features of Customization 

When you're thinking about custom candle boxes, there are many options available in the market to make your custom candle packaging different from the rest of the brands in the market. In customization, you have to choose the material of your choice and printing method, which you think is best for your candle packaging boxes.


Choosing the right material for candle boxes wholesale makes them distinct from other products in terms of durability and Strength. Different types of materials are used for different wholesale candle boxes.
Card-stock: it is the material which slightly thicker than standard printing paper, and it is generally used for displaying with unique packaging design.
Cardboard: Generally, used for shipping Boxes because of its sturdy features and ability to keep the product safe and sound during shipping. Moreover, it is the most used material for packaging around the world. It is also used custom printed boxes to provide your product protection.
Kraft: is One of the most recommended materials nowadays due to the poor condition of our environment. And Kraft is now using widely because of its biodegradable properties. Kraft can easily be reuse and recycle. That is why it is in great demand.


Hues are essential for making your custom boxes appealing colours. Unique packaging ideas with mesmerizing colours make your packages more alluring. You have two methods of choosing colours for your custom printed candle boxes with the help of these colours you can engage more customers. And the techniques are CMYK and PMS; both provide massive colours range for your packers boxes.


Above mentioned are the most demanded candle packaging. However, you can also get any custom boxes for your candle, which you think will elevate your product. Unique packaging solution and experienced staff, Plus Printers is the only company providing the best Printing services in the USA.

custom printed candle boxes

Moreover, they do not compromise the quality of the boxes and try their best to deliver premium quality work on time.  Besides they have customer care services for clients.

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