Platform ladders: Uses, Safety Features and Type of material

Author : JohnSmith
Publish Date : 2020-03-20

Platform ladders: Uses, Safety Features and Type of material

A platform ladder is equipment that is widely used in industries and factories. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are used to allow the workers to reach high places and take out or store items. These equipments are highly safe to use at height in industries and factories.

From Bailey platform ladders to general platform ladders it comes in different shapes depending on the application for which they are to be used.

They are tested for performance and safety standards and are perfect for use by the employees of an organization involved in the logistics and other departments.

What are the various industrial uses?

These ladders are used in a wide variety of industries and depend on the type of work they have to be used for and the material they are built with. For example- many ladders are made of aluminium and should not be used if the application involves the use of live wires and electrical switches.

On the other hand, the perfect choice for these cases would be the use of fibreglass ladders as they do not conduct heat and electricity.

So the choice of material is very important while choosing the ladders.

What are the safety features of these ladders?

These ladders are equipped with various safety features to ensure the safety of your employees. To ensure the stability of the structure the use of retractable castor wheels is done. They also have large checker plates on which the employees can stand and also keep other equipment.

They have steel rivets which ensure that these ladders can work for many years and are also resistant to all types of climate. They are foldable to ensure that they can be transported anywhere and save space in your place of work.

They have are highly multifunctional and versatile with handrails and castors.    

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