Mistakes Developers Need to Avoid During Android Development

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Publish Date : 2020-05-01

Mistakes Developers Need to Avoid During Android Development

With the increasing use of android phones, more businesses are opting for android app development. Android is the most popular platform for launching applications no matter what type of business it is. From entertainment to Social networking, shopping, booking cabs, tickets, flights, etc., android has applications for everything. Innumerable applications get launched every day on android. This makes the competition tough amongst businesses. There are so many things a developer needs to keep in mind during the development process. Implementing and avoiding certain things become essential to end up with a bug-free and ROI-driven app.

Not making the app design responsive and device compatible

One of the most important things you come across during the development process is the challenge to create the same UI design for all android devices. The screen sizes are different for different models of phones and the other devices that have the same operating system. With so many variations in screen dimensions, it can be the toughest challenge to make the application look just perfect on all smartphones and tablets. There are certain techniques and strategies that can be used by professionals to do the task. The experts need to work on this first before heading towards the implementation of features and functionalities and for more help android articles

Forgetting the intent

The intent is the step that is often overlooked by the developers and is one of the most common mistakes they do and need to avoid. Avoiding this mistake can help the intent in sending information to different parts of the application. An intent helps with various internal functions of the app. It allows the system to perform actions like sharing content, recording videos, taking photos, adding events, and a lot more. With intent, the entire workflow becomes seamless and smooth.

Using heavier images

You can use quality yet lighter images simply with effective bitmaps. Now, this makes the app capture less space or memory of the device. This means, with lighter and quality images too you can meet your user demands. You can use different tools for fetching decode and for displaying bitmaps in the application. In this case, the cropping of images as per the requirement also works well.

Not considering fragments

Forgetting to use these fragments is one of the most common mistakes developers make while android app development. Fragments are useful tools for optimising the content of an android application. Using fragments can help in displaying content properly on different screen dimensions.

Apart from these, there are a few more to be mentioned like excessive use of heavier Java and CSS files, the use of too many libraries, blocking the main thread, rewriting the existing code, etc. Professionals need to be very careful and avoid doing these practices for building top-notch and competitive applications for android.

Building an app for android includes several steps, use of innumerable advanced tools, knowledge of so many skills and languages, and of course experience and expertise. But still, many developers tend to make the above mistakes during the process. This article can help out the beginners and can also work as a reminder for the experienced ones who sometimes make these mistakes.

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