Looking for skin care brands? buy skin care products

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Looking for skin care brands? buy skin care products

Buying organic skincare products in Pakistan with Vitamin C

If you go around asking random dermatologists about the nutrients that help with skincare and should absolutely be a part of the list of your organic skin care products in Pakistan, they will have something in common.

They will all mention vitamin C as something you definitely need to nurture your skin with. Dr. Titilola Sode, a council-certified dermatologist in Dallas, explains that vitamin C is among the few substances that repair and protects your skin and most people find it tolerable. Different serums containing vitamin C have varying efficacy and one cannot generalize just based on this one constituent. Anything could be off and you need to pay close attention to whether the formula is right and the recommended application is something you can keep up with. Therefore, it is vital that before opening up your wallet you consider some of the basic facts related to vitamin C and don’t go all in on it while you are blindfolded or simply impressed by the fancy packaging.

A zillion ways of getting vitamin C

Most of the vitamin C derivatives are considered to have the same effect (they can reduce redness, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging), but some forms have added benefits and are better learned, said Dr. Sode. The most effective and famous forms are as below:

  • Vitamin C in its purest form is widely researched and has proven to have the most promising results, it is also referred to as L-ascorbic acid

  • TetrahexyLdecycl ascorbate is able to dissolve in fat that is it can penetrate the skin and have a greater effect

  • Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate is able to increase hydration levels on dry skin while preventing water loss.

  • For sensitive skin, you can consider Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate considering the fact that it is softer for your skin type and has a pH value close to neutral. It also ensures that acne and related problems are kept in check.

 This is one of the few materials that can really smooth fine lines.

Many best skin care products boast of their anti-aging power, but unless they contain materials known to trigger collagen production (a very short list that includes retinoids, growth factors, and ding, ding-vitamin C), they will not make large curves in slow down the natural aging process of your skin.

Beneficial for protecting your face

"At the cellular level, vitamin C is a great antioxidant - it hunts and destroys free radicals on your skin, which breaks DNA from everything that makes you young," said Dr. Sode. Free radicals cannot be avoided - they come from sunlight, pollution, chemicals and even our own bodies - but they can be neutralized with vitamin C.




Keep your friends close

"Vitamin C must be the first thing that happens on your face in the morning, otherwise it won't absorb and protect your skin," said Dr. Sode. So all the toners and essences have you entered before your vitamin C? Move them to P.M.

It actively fights against dark spots.

Unlike most skin brighteners that work to repair damage after it appears, vitamin C consistently works to prevent hyperpigmentation before it even occurs. Dr. Sode posits that the enzymes associated with the creation of pigments in your skin cells called Tyrosinase are interrupted by vitamin C and it also helps avoid existing pigments that are there because of being darker.

You know Junk Food is not good for you, but if you need more reasons to go easy on the delicious snacks here’s a reason. Processed food, alcohol, and processed carbohydrates contribute to the destruction of your good bacteria and create imbalances in your intestine microbiome, which leads to inflammation that can also be manifested in your skin. Instead, add more vitamins and antioxidants in your diet, in the form of fruit and other bright fruits and vegetables, to increase your skin defense against free radical damage. Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is important for smooth and radiant skin.

According to Dr. Heidi Prather, one of the certified dermatologists in Texas, some of the essential nutrients for managing repair functions for your skin are vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc. Most fruits and vegetables contain the first two, while zinc can be found in dairy and poultry products, nuts, meat, and – the best of them all - Dark Chocolate!

Rest assured, vitamin C foods and products are legendary for good reasons. They work really well. Rough skin texture, uneven tone, fine line formation, general dullness or acne scars — you name a common complexion concern that you have heard about or suffered from and there's a pretty good probability that vitamin C is a part of the solutions. And the products that contain it also are among the treatments recommended to help minimize the effects of these aforementioned problems.


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