Key Moments in Exxon’s Fight Against Engine

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Publish Date : 2021-05-30

Key Moments in Exxon’s Fight Against Engine

Exxon Mobil’s defeat by a new activist investor, Engine No. 1, at its annual meeting on Wednesday is still reverberating around Wall Street. Shareholders voting against management to install at least two new board members is seen as both a milestone for climate-focused investing and the emergence of a new force in shareholder activism. DealBook has the behind-the-scenes dish on the most important moments in the battle.
An initial meeting that didn’t go well. On Jan. 22, Exxon’s C.E.O., Darren Woods, and lead independent director, Ken Frazier, held a Zoom call with Engine No. 1 executives. During the meeting, Frazier struck a conciliatory tone — at one point, he held up a peace sign — but said the company didn’t consider Engine No. 1’s nominees to be qualified. Charlie Penner, the fund’s head of active engagement
LONDON — Only a week ago, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain and his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, sent friends save-the-date cards for a wedding in July 2022, according to several British newspapers. But on Saturday, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Symonds were married in a stealth ceremony at Westminster Cathedral in London.

A spokesman for the prime minister’s office confirmed on Sunday: “The prime minister and Ms. Symonds were married yesterday afternoon in a small ceremony at Westminster Cathedral. The couple will celebrate their wedding with family and friends next summer.”

It was a characteristically dramatic twist for a relationship that had unfolded in a frenetic way from the very start.

Mr. Johnson, 56, moved into his official residence in Downing Street with Ms. Symonds in 2019 before his divorce from his second wife, Marina Wheeler, had been completed. Ms. Symonds gave birth 
Though the wedding was not confirmed by Downing Street until Sunday, news reports on Saturday evening drew congratulations from political figures, including Arlene Foster, the first minister of Northern Ireland, who said on Twitter, “Huge congratulations to Boris Johnson & Carrie Symonds on your wedding today.”

Mr. Johnson is the first British prime minister to be married in office since Lord Liverpool married Mary Chester in 1822, his second marriage. But much about Mr. Johnson and Ms. Symonds’s relationship has seemed unorthodox by the relatively conventional standards of Downing Street.

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Mr. Johnson, who was baptized as a Catholic by his mother, converted to the Anglican faith while in boarding school. He met Ms. Symonds, a Catholic and a former Conservative Party communications aide, while he was married to his second wife, Marina Wheeler, with whom he has four children.

Mr. Johnson has never publicly confirmed how many children he has.

Mr. Johnson and Ms. Symonds disclosed that they were engaged, and that she was pregnant, in February 2020, a month after Britain had formally left the European Union. That happy news was quickly overtaken by the pandemic, which claimed Mr. Johnson as an early victim when he became ill and ended up in an intensive care unit.

Ms. Symonds, who works for an animals-rights group, also contracted Covid and wrote on Twitter about her fears during those days.

More recently, she has been pulled into a furor over the costly renovation of the couple’s apartment at 11 Downing Street. A Conservative Party donor, David Brownlow, paid for some of the work, supplementing the state budget of 30,000 pounds, or $42,570, provided for redecorating the apartment. Mr. Johnson said he had picked up the cost of the refurbishment when he was told of the arrangement.

On Friday, an independent ethics adviser appointed by the government declared that Mr. Johnson had acted “unwisely” in the refurbishment of the apartment but that he had not violated the ministerial code of conduct.

A few weeks after receiving the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Debora Lima returned to an old routine: She pulled out her phone and requested an Uber ride so she could meet friends for dinner.

But instead of getting a ride within five minutes as she had expected, Uber surprised Ms. Lima with a 19-minute wait and a pricey fare. It wasn’t a one-time glitch. Ms. Lima, a 28-year-old Miami resident, used to plan on spending $100 a month for frequent Uber trips. Just two recent rides ate through half of her monthly budget.

As the coronavirus pandemic appears to recede in the United States and more people return to traveling, socializing and using ride-hailing apps, they are discovering that those cheap and quick rides have become more costly and not so readily available. Customers around the country say they have been startled by the price jumps. In some cases, 
When there aren’t enough drivers to meet demand, the companies pay them more, sometimes resorting to so-called surge pricing to lure drivers to areas where demand is high. Some recent surges have made prices jump 50 percent or more, said Daniel Ives, managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities. Surge pricing can be a boon for drivers, but it sometimes provokes outrage from riders, especially during holidays and large events when demand can send prices soaring.

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