How to Organize a Successful Multilingual Virtual Event?

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Publish Date : 2021-01-14

How to Organize a Successful Multilingual Virtual Event?

The increasing popularity and conductance of virtual events have specifically benefitted the international community. The United Arab Emirates was considered the hub of international events like conferences and trade shows across the globe. The international attendees had to manage their flights and be at the place after traveling for hours. However, the virtual events have resolved this hassle by allowing them to attend from their homes.

On the other hand, it has given rise to the issue of language setting. Most events are in an international language, i.e., English. Not everyone is fluent in English, and some cannot even understand it properly. People used translators during traditional events. Doing so in virtual events can create a number of hassles. Therefore, ensuring multilingual virtual events is crucial to increase the reach to the target audience.

Explore this article in detail to learn how you can organize a successful multilingual virtual event, and please your international attendees.

Top 8 Tips to Make Multilingual Virtual Events Successful

Event attendees also belong to different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds in diverse societies like the United Arab Emirates. Attendees not understanding the international language can fail to enjoy or get knowledge from it. Therefore, the people or parties organizing the event have to consider the inclusion of multiple languages to boost the understanding of all.

Here are the top tips that can help you organize and make your multilingual virtual event successful.

1. Utilize Pre Recorded Video Content

In traditional events, organizers have the ability to connect with people at ground level and helping them with translations. In virtual events, it cannot happen as it will waste the time of others. However, a feasible option is utilizing pre-recorded video content. Organizers acquire the help of an experiential event agency in Dubai to align their live event with the prerecorded video content in multiple languages to boost the experience of all attendees.

2. Offer Language Video Captioning

One of the most common ways of making multilingual virtual events successful is to offer video captioning in multiple languages. You can check the lingual background information of the attendees from event registration. After that, make sure to offer the option of turning on video captions in their specific language.

3. Adopt Multimedia Localization

An important tip of effectively incorporating a multilingual set up in your virtual events is to adopt multimedia localization. It allows the users or attendees to change the language setting of some video, broadcast or telecast to their native area. It requires proper technical set up and management to localize the media settings.

4. Offer Translation Service

If you are allowing international attendees from different ethnic and lingual backgrounds in your event, you have the responsibility of ensuring the fact that they understand each and every word shared during the event. Only then they will be able to give a higher rating to the event. You can offer translation services in multiple languages to your attendees to boost their understanding.

5. Get Your Support Team Online

When you are organizing a multilingual virtual event, you can face a wide range of technical issues. The attendees might not get captioned video or the option of turning on the transcription. In addition to it, there can be issues with translators. So, you have to be well equipped to fix all the technical issues. You can get your support team online to offer help in critical circumstances.

6. Ensure Real-Time Transcription

At times, the speakers of the event can talk about something that was not included in the shared script or the video captions shared with the international audience. They can feel left out and think they have missed something important. You can ensure real-time transcription of the event to limit such issues and boost the satisfaction of the event attendees.

7. Get Interpreters on Call

Another tip to ensure the success of multilingual virtual events is to get interpreters on call. The attendees from different backgrounds, speaking and understanding a different language, can join the event like all the other participants. However, you can help them understand and enjoy the event by getting an interpreter on call to translate each and everything for them.

8. Include Multilingual Speakers

Lastly, the most effective tip for making your multilingual virtual event successful is to include multilingual speakers. The organizers can share the main window of the virtual event with a mini window of native language speaker, so the attendees can understand and enjoy the event. You can get professionals from an experiential event agency in Dubai on board to plan the event and manage all the technical details effectively.

Plan and prepare professionally to make your event successful!

Organizing a multilingual virtual event is a real challenge. Assisting attendees in case of onsite events is easier, as compared to virtual management. Therefore, you have to plan extensively and take care of all the technical details to make the event successful. You can always turn to professional help and utilize their skills and experience to organize a perfect event for your audience. So, get in touch with them to make your multilingual virtual event successful.

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