How to have a sweat proof makeup look?

Author : mubinfaisal
Publish Date : 2021-12-24

How to have a sweat proof makeup look?

Wearing make up in summers is tough ask. Especially, if you live in warmer parts of the world. The extreme heat might irk you many of the times. Of course, we have air conditioners and most of the work-going women would work under an air-conditioned environment. But not all of us the liberty of having a car that an air conditioner. Therefore, the back and forth route destroys all the hard work of wearing the makeup and you have to do a retouch once you reach the destination. Not just office though, there can be a wedding or a family gathering but your problem would still be the same.

Therefore, we have tried to the needful by pinning down some of the best tips to have sweat proof makeup, which does not require retouches.

Sunscreen under your makeup:

Wearing makeup over sunburned skin is highly not recommended. Always wear a layer of sunscreen before you apply makeup over your skin. Moreover, the effect of sunscreen might fade away within a few hours. Thus, of you are someone who goes in, out frequently then you might want redo the sunscreen, and that is not difficult at all. Just wash your face with a soap and soak the cushion with sunscreen, apply it over and you are good to go.

Oil-free moisturizer:

Our face develops a lot of oil while we sleep and if you live in a warmer area then the proportion of oil amplifies. Cleaning all the oil from your skin before applying makeup is essential and an oil-free moisturizer is just right way to go about it. Right after you wash your face and come out of the washroom. Soak the residue water on the surface and then apply the moisturizer. This will clear all the oil from your skin before you apply the makeup.

Less is more:

Sorry to break the hearts. But you have to agree with me on this that less is more. Particularly in summers, the more makeup you wear the more ugly it will look when it sweats. I would say a moisturizer and a concealer would be enough makeup. Since when it is hot, the makeup spreads and it looks bad. This is why the less you wear the less it will spread and the less it will look ugly.

Go for lip stains:

It is the summer and wearing heavy lipsticks is not classy. Instead, apply lip stains as with lip stains you can keep on applying lip balm every time the lips go sore. Something, which cannot be lipstick.

Carry the must haves:

In winters, you might get away with little mishaps but in summers you have to carry the must have small products with you at all times. You might have to go out for a meeting in broad daylight or you might have to give an impromptu presentation. These are the things that happen suddenly and not being prepared in advance can be a downer. Thus, save yourself from such mishaps by having all the must haves in your purse at all times.

Go for bright colors:

Now there is not really a season for colors. It is completely up to on which color you want to wear. However, if you pay close attention, you will notice that vibrant and bright colors look far better in summers then in any other season. Thus, experiment with yourself and try out some bright and vibrant colors. I bet you will look a lot fresher.

Use an eye primer:

You might want to push aside the eye cream and replace it with eye primer. Because what happens with eye cream is that, the eyeshadow disappears after sometime and then you have to apply it again. Now, it is not a given that will have enough time every time to do such things. Therefore, eye primer is the best possible solution. It stays for a longer period of time and you do not have to give retouches.

Use a blush stain:

As said above stains are a far option in summers. If you blush powder then you would be aware that it does not last long. Stains however, have a great longevity power. Thus, switch blush powder with blush stain.

These are some of the tips that you can use to keep your makeup sweat proof and make it last long. Since not everyone, likes to go to the washroom mirror repeatedly and do touchups. Besides, the hot areas are getting hotter every year, which means that with every new year you will have to reduce the amount of makeup you wear, as the heat would be more than the last year. You can use organic products as well to get rid of this issue but I would say the above-mentioned are a better way to go about it.
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