How to Gain Experience in Professional Makeup Application

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Publish Date : 2021-05-29

How to Gain Experience in Professional Makeup Application

It is often necessary in the early days to do makeovers for free in order to build up your portfolio and your confidence as a makeup artist so many of the ways to gain experience are unpaid. However, as soon as you can charge a small fee or barter with people in order that no one takes advantage of you and your skills. Let's take a look at different ways to gain experience in professional makeup application.

Study Makeup on Your Own

It is always advisable, in any field to keep updating and improving your skills so:

Read widely about new products available on the market, new uses for products and application techniques
Be aware of the latest trends so that you can incorporate new ideas into your work if appropriate to the type of makeup you do.
Keep a Makeup file for any ideas, your research, various makeup looks and more. It is a great help when speaking with clients and discovering what they like to show them contrasting makeup looks.
Volunteer Your Services

Volunteering is a great way to build up your portfolio and also get the word out about your skills as a makeup artist. With a skill like makeup artistry the best form of advertisting is 'word of mouth' which will bring you more clients and more assignments. If people like what you do they will tell other people. Remember to take before and after photos of your work to add to your website and portfolio. Have business cards to hand out and network with people you meet.

How to find volunteer opportunities?

Ask friends and family who they know
Find out about local amateur theatre, film or TV opportunities
Enquire at various charities about fundraising opportunities. You may be able to offer women's events, pampering evenings, fashion show makeup, children's parties.
Find a Mentor or an Apprenticeship

You may be able to find a successful makeup artist who is willing to answer your questions or lets you learn from and assist them whilst they work with clients.

Become an Intern

It may be possible for you to be become an interns with a cosmetic company. Not many opportunities but certainly worth looking into to find out more about the industry, build up your knowledge of products, create a resume and possibly find work with the company.

Find Makeup Related Work

There are many opportunities to work with makeup even if it is not directly as a makeup artist. One great way to start is by working for a direct sales beauty company such as Avon or Mary Kay. There are several advantages to taking this route into makeup artistry. You can get a discount on the products you use as a makeup artist and you do in home demonstrations for clients. You may even be able to makeup the hostess at these demos. Therefore providing you with experience in makeup application. In addition you can receive great training on product knowledge and product application.

Another way to find makeup related work is in a beauty shop. You may have the opportunity to make contact with professionals in the industry and find job openings simply through networking with them.

Modelling or Acting

If you like modelling or acting you may find your way into the makeup artistry business simply by meeting people in the industry and networking with professional makeup artist. Take full advantage to watch how they work!

Other work in a salon or spa

As a receptionist or other member of staff at a salon or spa you'll have the opportunity to pick up the necessary skills and get advice about finding work as a makeup artist. You may even be able to assist at times and as you develop your skills and become a valued member of staff eventually you may be offered the job that you seek.
Nursing is still a viable career even with all the changes healthcare faces due to an ever- evolving economy and work force. Nursing remains on the top of the healthcare list of career pathways. There are different levels of nursing and here we will tell you what the difference is and how you go about becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse through a Vocational Nursing Program.

What are the different levels of nursing?

Nursing begins with the bottom level but still ever important nurse's aide. This is called a Certified Nurse's Assistant or Aide (CNA) in short. This is where you really get your hands dirty so to speak and assist an RN or an LPN or LVN with the duties they may not have time for such as bathing, turning, feeding, and administering wound care and medication to the patient. Many CNA's work in one of three places and they are hospitals, nursing facilities for the aged or in the patient's home. This is where most people begin the long journey to becoming either a RN or LPN/LVN. However, some people stay in the field permanently.

Level Two the LPN/LVN

A Licensed Practical Nurse and a Licensed Vocational Nurse is basically the same thing. It depends on where you live and whom you work for it is just a title that has morphed into a slight difference but your responsibilities will be the same. The basic role is a step above the CNA and will entail administering of medications where a CNA will only assist and the administering of injections as well as collecting samples for the lab and the monitoring of diagnostic and other medical equipment.

Level three Is Registered Nurse or RN

At this level, you are responsible for all of the above-mentioned tasks and for the people who are under you, which are the CNA's and LPN/LVN's. You are also able to make executive decisions such as conferring with the doctor and making any changes to the care plans for a patient. This includes the patient's nutritional plans as well as medication changes and dosage adjustments, which mean more responsibility for you and more consequences. This takes us to the other over 50% of your job, in many cases more and that is paperwork. Documentation is king, today we live in an even more litigious society, and we must learn to cover our tracks.

OK so how do I become a LPN/LVN because this seems the best choice for me?

In conclusion, you can go to a vocational school for the certification or you may choose a community college if you want a degree in the nursing field but it stands to reason that you if you are not getting an RN then stick to a 9 month vocational course. Yes this is a short course and for those of you with a CNA already which can take only a few weeks to a couple of months and around $300 dollars, with enough hands on experience you could test out of a lot of the Vocational Nursing Program and get working quicker

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