Guide to Business Travel Etiquette - France

Author : Paula Lesch
Publish Date : 2021-05-26

Guide to Business Travel Etiquette - France

approximately France

France is the largest us of in Western Europe, slightly smaller than Texas. France is among the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea; bordering Italy and Spain. fifty-eight million human beings stay in France, about four.5 million of them foreigners.


French is the number one language spoken in France. in case you plan to journey to France, it's miles strongly encouraged that you analyze the basics of the language. Your attempt might be noticed and liked. in case you cannot talk French, begin by using pronouncing. "Please excuse me for bothering you, however I do no longer communicate French" - "Excusez-moi, s'il vous plait, de vous deranger, mais je ne parle pas francais."

business dress

The French are very conscientious in their appearance and consider get dressed as a reflection of social repute and achievement. due to this, be sure to put on well-tailor-made, elegant apparel. darkish, conservative clothing is most suitable - keep away from brilliant colorings or flashy add-ons.

commercial enterprise Hours

maximum businesses in France function from nine:00 am to 6:00 pm, with a lunch hour lasting up to 2 hours. Many executives or the ones in senior positions will stay at the workplace until 7:00 or eight:00 pm.


There are 11 public holidays in France. In 2007, they're:

January 1st - New year's Day

April 9th - Easter Monday

may additionally 1st - Labour Day

may eighth- 1945 Victory Day

may additionally 17th - Ascension

may additionally 28th - Whit Monday

July 14th - Bastile Day

August fifteenth - Assumption

November 1st - All Saints' Day

November 11th - Remembrance Day

December 25th - Christmas Day

most French employees get five weeks of excursion and plenty of will absorb to 3 weeks of this in July or August.

Conversations and behavior

The most vital issue of French behavior is the emphasis on courtesy and formality. while assembly a person, it's far standard to shake their hand. however, handshakes in France are light and quick - a sturdy handshake is considered aggressive. top posture is important to the French - so be sure to rise up straight.

Do not deal with a commercial enterprise accomplice by using their first name except invited to do so. The fundamental courtesy identify for ladies is 'Madame' and is 'Monsieur' for guys. 'Mademoiselle' is considered old fashioned and should be averted.

sometimes, the French will introduce themselves the use of the closing call observed by using their first name. this could be difficult in the event that they each sound like first names. it's far excellent to ask for explanation if needed.

whilst engaging in communique avoid subjects associated with person affairs of state or different non-public matters. persist with subjects including sports activities, art, music and food. Be organized to talk about your very own nations history and political machine.

there are numerous commonplace gestures and behaviors which might be taken into consideration offensive in France. be sure to keep away from the subsequent:

- Chewing gum in public

- placing your hand to your wallet while in public

- Slapping an open palm over a closed fist

- Snapping arms

- The good enough symbol (forming a circle with the thumb and forefinger) genuinely method zero or vain in France. Use the thumbs up as a substitute.

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if you're a businessman who travels frequently, the probabilities are you know what to look for in an awesome resort room. And, in case you're the sort of enterprise tourist who spends numerous time on the road, you may also deliver round images of your circle of relatives, or other small items from home to make your self experience more at ease in your hotel room - in any case, it is the small matters that may make someone sense at home!

however maximum of all, it's vital that you can revel in the convenience of staying connected to the net and in contact with era at every flip. current business is now so reliant on the world extensive internet that, if you're a business traveller, it's paramount which you're able to access a high-velocity internet connection anyplace you move. So, if a hotel has high-velocity internet get right of entry to in all guest rooms, enterprise travelers will be able to experience the freedom of staying related to both their domestic and the office after they want it most.

what is more, in case you're keeping a business meeting in a motel, it will be critical that the meeting room has high-speed internet get admission to or wi-fi internet get right of entry to. This offers each meeting attendees and presenters the threat to illustrate merchandise, video conferencing and interactive schooling, amongst many greater benefits of being on line, in order that you may be capable of behavior your business seminar or workshop quite simply.

Of course, even as it is regular that you'll be carrying your personal (or your business enterprise) computer at some stage in your commercial enterprise journey, it's lots much less possibly that you may carry your own printer with you as nicely! it is why it's usually reachable to live in a motel that has printing facilities for enterprise travelers. which means that in case you've prepared a presentation on your pc for your inn room the night earlier than a large business meeting, you may be able to with no trouble print it out and hand out to the other members of your seminar.

moreover, after a difficult day's work, commercial enterprise travellers will want to wind down inside the hotel's enjoyment facilities earlier than some other day of meetings - or the inevitable trip homeward. this could contain taking some time out in the lodge spa, going for a middle of the night dip inside the swimming pool or maybe opting for a relaxing evening in the hotel bar.

you will probable locate that maximum companies of business hotel lodging will provide those first magnificence offerings; and if you're lucky, the better ones may even throw in a few useful technological devices in an effort to make your life easy - which includes speakers wherein you could plug your mp3 or CD player or accessible alarm clocks so one can make certain you don't omit that enterprise assembly inside the morning!

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