Great And Advanced Characteristics of Collagen

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Great And Advanced Characteristics of Collagen

Life Extension

A 2008 study concluded: "These results suggest that collagen peptide is useful as a dietary supplement to reduce UVB-induced skin damage and photoaging." A 2015 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reported that oral collagen supplements achieved similar results. The researchers concluded that "Oral supplementation with collagen peptides is effective in improving skin signs associated with aging."

Growth of nails and hair

Strong nails and healthy hair are an indicator of overall good health. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that taking a 2,500 mg collagen supplement resulted in a 12 percent increase in nail growth rate and a 42 percent reduction in broken nails. In addition, four out of five subjects agreed that their overall nail appearance had improved.

Other benefits

Research shows that collagen can also be beneficial for those looking to improve their gut health. Collagen can also benefit in the form of optimizing heart health.

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Collagen helps maintain gut health. The main reason for this is the high content of the amino acid glutamine or glutamic acid in oral collagen supplements. Glutamine provides "food" for healthy bacteria in our gut. He suggested that adequate amounts of vitamin C, proline, and lysine could help keep arteries strong and prevent atherosclerosis. Collagen supplements contain these important nutrients.

The pros and cons of collagen for our skin

Collagen has made a splash in the cosmetics industry. Now it can be found in the composition of almost any beauty product: all kinds of creams and even decorative cosmetics. And also this protein is actively used in food supplements.

So why is collagen so popular, and is it safe? Let's figure it out. Collagen is a filamentous protein that is part of all the tissues of our body. Bones, tendons, hair, skin and nails, veins - all this is formed thanks to collagen. It literally glues the tissues of the body together and forms a single whole.

But with age, the amount of this “building material” inside us decreases. In addition to age, bad habits, ignoring sunscreens and lack of vitamins also play a role. This is where flabbiness of the skin, wrinkles and other accompanying signs arise. Losses need to be replenished.

First of all, this protein is so valued among cosmetologists for its ability to give us youth. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin, hair and nails. In the fight against excess weight and cellulite, he is also our faithful assistant.

Of course, the Asians took collagen under close control and released a bunch of all kinds of products based on it.

Varieties of collagen

Collagen is different. Let's see what types of it exist.

Most often in Korean cosmetics, you can find marine collagen, which is extracted from fish scales (hence the name). It is much better absorbed by the skin. There is also vegetable collagen, which is a pomace from plants (soy, wheat). This type was created as a counterbalance to animal collagen. Plant-based protein is very popular among vegans and animal advocates.

What are the types of cosmetic products with collagen?

Now let's talk about the form in which you can find collagen on the shelves of cosmetic stores or on the websites of Korean imags.

Creams are perhaps the most common cosmetic product with collagen.

Such creams should be started from the age of thirty to make up for the lack of protein.

However, not everything is so rosy - low-molecular and more effective collagen is found only in expensive creams that are intended for salon procedures. Therefore, you should not expect a "wow" effect from conventional collagen creams. Of course, they work, but their effect is not so fast and pronounced. It is more concentrated than a cream. Thanks to the Korean system of care, serums have firmly entered the lives of women around the world.

The harm of collagen

Before that, we talked purely about the positive effect of collagen on our body. Does this substance have contraindications, and is it capable of harming us?

Speaking frankly, a person can be allergic or get a negative reaction to any substance or product. As for collagen, you should be careful with it when using serums and ampoules. The former are more concentrated and should be avoided by people with a tendency to form keloid scars. Ampoule collagen, as a rule, is used during mesotherapy procedures, and its list of contraindications is expanding significantly.

If we talk about creams, they are harmless, as they act on the surface of the skin.

There is still debate about collagen, how effective it is and in what form it should be taken. Some experts argue that this supplement is useless and cannot reverse the aging process, while others, on the contrary, recommend that anyone who cares about youthful skin take this supplement. Let's see if collagen is as useful as it is advertised.

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