eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Publish Date : 2020-09-06

eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Have you noticed that hazel eyes are the neatest eye color to have? Your eye color tends to change depending upon what you wear due to the many hues within your eyes. So, what is the best makeup for hazel eyes?

To look like you are polished when applying your eye makeup, understand the basic elements of applying eye color. This entails using 3 separate eye shadow colors: a highlighter, a midtone, and an accent. Some people try to get away with using one or two colors, but that is like trying to paint a gorgeous sunset with only a yellow color.

Here are some tips to make your hazel eyes look fantastic. First, since you do have hazel eyes, you really can use any eye color. You just have to make sure you use the right color combinations. This is easily achieved when you use the highlighter-midtone-accent formula. The highlighter is your lightest shade, the midtone the next lightest, and the accent color is the darkest.

What colors should hazel eyed people use to make their eyes look powerful? Use a shimmery highlighter in a light pink color (apply just below your brow bone, along the inner corner of your eye, and across the inner third of your eyelid).

Next, use a true brown as your midtone (apply this color along the crease of your eye). Make sure it is matte in texture.

Lastly, use a dark brown with deep rose undertones as the accent (use this in the outer part of your crease and along the outer upper and lower lashline) and you will have captured a look that makes others simply gawk at your beautiful eyes.

Finish your look with tan eyeliner and 2–3 coats of black mascara. Always apply mascara last to avoid making your eyelashes look dull from dusting on your eye colors. Apply mascara to the lower lashes first, then to the upper lashes, to avoid smearing mascara on your eyelids.

Because hazel eyes are typically alluring and bewitching, choosing the right color or colors of eyeshadow, as well as appropriate techniques would be essential. True hazel colored eyes are actually now as common as many people think. Because of this and their mysterious intrigue, many famous musicians have written songs specifically about hazel eyes. Interestingly, the color or hue of hazel eyes often changes based lighting, as well as clothing color.

Many people, even those with hazel eyes, are unaware that this eye color is actually a unique blend of green, gold, and brown, although in some cases, slight blue tones also exist. Because of this, it would be even more important to choose the color of eye shadow, as well as type and brand, whether buying Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow or some other brand. With the wrong color, you could end up looking washed with your eyes looking lifeless and hollow instead of having your naturally gorgeous appearance.

One way to determine the best eyeshadow color would be to get dressed prior to applying your makeup. That way, you could see which of the many colors in your eyes would stand out. Looking at the colored specks in your eyes associated with the color of clothing being worn would help you decide on the color of eyeshadow needed for that particular day. Typically, you want to stick with green, brown, gold, and purple. If you were to put on a deep green top, more than likely the green specks in your eyes would stand out. Therefore, the obvious choice of eyeshadow application would be green.

As mentioned, brown is another excellent color that intensifies hazel colored eyes. To determine the actual shade of brown eyeshadow that would complement your eyes best, consider playing around with different shades to include light tan to rich, chocolate brown. Additionally, eyeshadow in the gold palette would allow the beautiful gold specks in your eyes to stand out, which would be stunning. Then, both purple and deep wine help eyes to pop so if you have small or deep set eyes, these colors would be excellent eyeshadow for hazel eyes


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