Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products – Trends and Practices in 2020

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Publish Date : 2020-06-30

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products – Trends and Practices in 2020

Cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection has become the new normal. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, there was a massive shift in people's attitudes towards sustainability. Millennials and Generation Z are more concerned about the environment than the previous generations, and as they become adults, they are making environmentally friendly decisions.  

On the other hand, COVID-19 has driven an increase in the demand for cleaning supplies globally; BBC also reported cleaning to have become one of the most trending topics on social media and hence giving a rise in the consumption of cleaning products.

Social media influencers have started highlighting cleaning techniques and practices, which is resulting in a drastic increase in the purchase of cleaning products.

Stats and Figures

There has been an increased demand for cleaning products over the past few years. Let's have a look at some stats related to the cleaning industry:

  • Cleaning products are amongst the top 4 products bought online
  • Online sales are expected to generate a total of 9% of revenue by 2021
  • 79% of people give importance to the ingredients in their cleaning products
  • 94% of people would like to trust a brand that promotes transparency
  • 39% is to shift to another brand which has clear information about the product
  • 63% of people clean their houses themselves, purchase cleaning products themselves

Trends and Practices in 2020

With a great interest in cleaning and relevant products as well as services, there is a change in trends and practices, let's have a look at some of the common upcoming trends in cleaning products:

1. Packaging

Eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable products are highly valued in modern-day society. Anything that has environmental hazards and adverse effects on nature's prosperity is highly discouraged. Multiple campaigns and NGOs are actively working towards the promotion of sustainable products in daily life.

Cleaning products are, unfortunately, mostly in plastic packaging, which proves to be extremely harmful to the environment. Hence, several production companies and brands have now started making environmentally friendly cleaning products, and have reported 45% product purchase increase in the year 2018.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness of the products are what makes them stand out amongst the crowd, and that too for good. Over 50 million people bought eco-friendly cleaning products in the US from the year 2010-2017, and the trend continues to increase. People are willing to pay more for a product that cares for the environment and is organically made as compared to normal products.

2. Innovation in Packaging

If proper attention is not paid to the plastic that we consume, by the year 2050, there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This concerns consumers as well as producers, hence the producers should be mindful of what goes in their packaging.

Several producers have started offering a refill to save the multiple usages of the plastic packaging. While most others are using recyclable material for their packaging. It is important to pay attention and reduce the level of plastic usage to as minimum as possible.

Some of the ways to innovate packaging for environmental benefits are the following:

  • Use of water-soluble materials for packaging
  • Recyclable materials
  • Refills
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Maximum product in minimum packaging

Making containers that can easily be reused is an excellent technique to reduce waste and efficiently make use of the spaces. It is convenient for both the consumer as well as the producer.  Several brands have come up with ideas like "Forever bottle," a reusable container. Another practice is to send a concentrated solution so the consumers can dilute it and can use it for a longer time before they purchase it again.

3. Sustainable Ingredients

Today the consumer is more concerned about the ingredients and products being used in the items they consume, may it be food or a cleaning product. Long gone are the days where the producers would put a label such as "no silicones" to convince the customers. People are now more concerned about what goes inside.

People are now looking for all things natural and organic, may it be their food, cosmetics, or daily life commodities. Having natural ingredients in the products makes it attractive for the modern-day consumer for various reasons. Product purchases are influenced by 45% with the concern of environment-friendly products.

Having biodegradable substances in your products can make it friendly for the environment with easy disposal. A recent increase in biodegradable surfactants has made it obvious that the consumer is looking for cleaner products. Organic products have seen a growth rate since 2017, while inorganic household cleaners have seen a decline in sales.

Several brands have launched campaigns highlighting the ingredients and products used in their products. One such campaign was "What's inside" by SC Johnsons, where they highlighted the transparency of products used by labeling each ingredient on a dedicated website.

4. Ethics in Business Practices

Apart from using environmentally friendly products, consumers are more likely to go for brands that are actively participating in the conservation of the environment and doing things for a better cause. Incorporating ethical business practices is a plus point for the producers according to the upcoming trends.

There are several ways brands and companies can associate themselves to help the community as well as the environment. Several programs to conserve energy and environment are sponsored by brands for goodwill causes.

Carpet Cleaning London has incorporated charitable causes in its business ethics, which helps them stand out amongst other businesses. These practices not only strengthen their brand name but also helps them gain a reputation amongst others. Brands must include good ethical practices, such as:

  • Cruelty-free products
  • Eco friendly products
  • Welfare work
  • NGO funding
  • Educational/ vocational training

Multiple brands that actively work in spreading positivity and working towards community development are appreciated and trusted world-wide. Consumers are likely to get persuaded towards such brands as compared to others.


Eco-friendly products are preferred by consumers nowadays, and as per upcoming trends, this likeness will probably continue to grow. People now make more aware choices, and hence the producers need to provide things that are preferred by the buyers.

Several companies are manufacturing environmentally friendly products that feature sustainable ingridients, packaging, and business practices. The upcoming years are all about sustainability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

Are you using eco-friendly cleaning products? Do recommend a good brand to our readers!

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