Different Open Die Forging Techniques – Which One is Best

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Publish Date : 2020-07-23

Different Open Die Forging Techniques – Which One is Best

Forging is an industrial and manufacturing process in which force is applied for shaping a metal piece. The three essential methods for producing forged parts used by a forging company in India include rolled ring forging, closed die forging, and open die forging.

Out of all these techniques, the open die forging technique provides the most extensive number of choices and can be used to make the most complex and most substantial parts.

Open Die Forging

In this method and technique of forging, the workpiece(including shafts, hooks discs, bars, and rings) is placed on a stationary anvil, and a hammer strikes it repeatedly for deforming. There is a plastic deformation of the metal when a series of compressive forces are applied.

The method is also called as Smith Forging. The name of the process is so because the die surfaces in contact with the workpiece do not surround or enclose it. Therefore, the flow is not restricted until the surface comes in contact with the die. Operators can position the workpiece in desirable ways and orient it to get any shape. Dies used in open forging techniques are often flat, but sometimes due to the requirements, a convex or concave surface may be used. Also, sometimes dies are used as tools for forming holes or providing cutoffs in the open die forging technique.

Open die forging is often used to work on the steel alloys and steel workpieces and is the right way to finish the shaping of any metal. Because there are no molds for enclosing the workpiece, even the workpieces of larger sizes can be worked upon.

The method has been used to work on pieces weighing tons and the most considerable lengths and breadths. There are open-die forging scenarios where pieces weighing up to 136 metric tons and 80 feet or even more are worked upon.

On the other hand, the closed die forging is an automated process that is much simpler than the manual process of open die forging. But the shaping choices for closed die forging are lesser and limited compared to open die forging, and the latter can also produce highly complex parts.

Below are some variations or types of open die forgings used nowadays-

Cogging Open Die Forging:

The method involves hitting metal with hammers until it gains the desired length. In the next step, either fullering or edging is performed. 

Fullering Open Die Forging:

This process and technique resembles cogging and is often used for the concave-shaped workpieces and materials. The application of force ensures that the material starts to move. The direction is provided to this movement to ensure that the right and desired shape and size is attained.

Edging Open Die Forging:

Edging is used for the convex-shaped workpieces and materials. It is usually carried out on the edges and downwards, and hence the name.

There may be many different shapes and sizes of forged parts and fittings required these days, and some industries also procure customized forged parts. The multiple techniques and types of open die forging ensure that the best process is chosen to produce high-quality forging parts.

Forging offers many different benefits, including finer grain size, greater strength, grain flow, improved microstructure, and better fatigue resistance. However, it is essential to choose a leading supplier and manufacturer for procuring your forging parts.

A reputed forging company in India would also provide you with free-of-cost consultancy for any of your queries related to forging materials, techniques, and the choices you need to make.

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