Develop a robust movie streaming service effectively with an app like Netflix that’s preloaded with

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Publish Date : 2020-12-12

Develop a robust movie streaming service effectively with an app like Netflix that’s preloaded with


Gone are the days where our family members argue and have a quarrel about what to watch next.

But with online movie streaming services, you are allowing your users to watch anything they want and at any time from any device. To embark your business in this sector, it is the right time for your business to reach a wider audience as many are locked up in their homes due to the pandemic. This leads users to spend most of their time on OTT platforms like Netflix, and hence, it is the right time to implement your business ideas in building a robust app like Netflix.

Listing out the next-generation features of Netflix clone

  • Easy login

The Netflix clone allows users to sign in with the requested credentials such as mail id, name, etc., and also allows them to log in via their social media credentials.

  • Subscription plan

The clone app for video streaming is built to allow users to choose from a diverse range of subscription plans in order to access the app features.


  • Genre selection

This smart feature showcases the genres for motion pictures, including but not restricted to comedy, horror, talk show, etc.

  • Search engine

The clone app is built with an advanced search engine with filters where it allows users to search for the concerned series or films by typing in the search bar. Based on the provided keywords, the clone app displays relevant results.

  • Manage Profile

The app gives flexibility for users to create and have a profile for themselves. It allows performing further customizations like displaying a picture, name, etc.

  • Review column

Users are allowed to give ratings and reviews of the watched films and series as per their discretion.

  • Watchlist

This remarkable feature enables users to add and remove videos from their watchlist.

  • In-app payment

The on-demand video streaming app like Netflix facilitates users to proceed with payment processing via the in-app payment feature.

  • Video description

Each video in the Netflix clone script will have a short description comprising information on the film or series, etc.

  • Downloading videos

Users can download the video of their choice with a reliable internet connection and watch them offline. 

  • Accessing other apps

This outstanding feature enables users to access other apps while watching videos on Netflix.

  • In-app alerts

This feature enables viewers to get notifications of the latest updates and subscription offers via SMS, email, etc.

  • Subtitle

The users can activate the subtitles while watching videos if required.

  • Sharing

The clone app is built with the 'Share' button allowing users to share the video link via social media accounts.

  • Recommendation

On the user's home page, there will be video suggestions and recommendations based on the user search patterns and video history.

How does having an app like Netflix make money?

The essential source of income is subscriptions. Users can choose from the below three subscription monthly plans that help their business have a consistent income.


With the basic plan, the app allows users to watch series, TV shows, and movies on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The users are permitted to watch videos on one screen at a time.


This service enables users to watch videos with HD quality on two simultaneous viewings.

Premium service

With the premium subscription, the users are given the flexibility to watch 4K videos on four screens simultaneously after paying the subscription.

The video streaming app clone has three major business segments for the target audience.

  • Domestic Streaming

  • International Streaming

  • Domestic DVD

Domestic Streaming

This vertical in the clone app helps bring revenue paid by U.S subscribers monthly.

International Streaming

A monthly membership cost that comes from subscribers outside the United States.

Domestic DVD

The clone app helps generate revenue with this segment by U.S subscribers who pay DVD by mail monthly subscription fees.

Final Thoughts,

The above exclusive features and benefits of developing a Netflix clone app will boost your video streaming app to a greater extent and keep your users engaged with a customized app created from a complete clone script of Netflix.

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