Canvas Prints - Transform Any Design Into An Artwork - 6 Useful Tips

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Publish Date : 2020-07-09

Canvas Prints - Transform Any Design Into An Artwork - 6 Useful Tips

Nowadays, in the decor of every room, studio, or office, custom canvas printing is considered essential to boost the elegance of the respective place.

Canvas printing allows you to get and design transformed into an artwork even without having the drawing skills. In this regard, here are 6 useful tips that can help you get outstanding printed solutions in the form of a printed canvas of your desired picture or image.

Prefer Quality over everything elsea

Low-quality pixels of desired images can result in disastrous outcomes as when you will utilize it, the excessive stretching of such pictures makes them more worst. Keeping this aspect in mind, before going to get one for canvas printing, it will be a good thing to evaluate its pixel quality in order to obtain great results.

Apart from the fact that a picture is very near to your heart, but if it is of low quality, get ready for hating it after its transformation into canvas art. In this respect, it is suggested by experts that your picture must be greater in size than 250KB and pixel count of about 150-33 PPIs. These are the lowest standards for canvas printing. Higher the pixel count and size will be, better will be the results of the canvas printing of your desired picture.

Select The Right Picture

For accomplishing a good result, it is essential to choose a good quality image with getting your canvas printed. According to the canvas experts, the use of too vibrant or too under or overexposed pictures is not found good for canvas printing.

Also, blurry pictures cannot provide you with presentable results. In this regard, if you feel any kind of confusion or ambiguity, asking professionals for guidance can help you decide the best possible picture to transform into an artwork and to place it on your walls. It will help you get better results from the custom printing of canvas out of your desired images.

Choose Rolled Or Stretched Canvas

Custom printed canvas came in a wider variety of styles and types and rolled and stretched canvas are two of the important ones. It is completely up to you to determine what kind of canvas you want to get stretched one on a wooden frame or in the form of simple cloth.

Here are two choices, if you are not ready to display it on the walls immediately and you want to store it for some time, roll canvas should be your preference. However, if you want to place it on the wall and do not want to store it at all, stretched canvas with wooden or plastic frames can be the perfect option for you to go with. So, keeping your preference in mind, go for the right option.

Monitor Calibration

Earlier to choose which method to go with in relation to printing your pictures, you have to resolve the leading issue facing professional photographers today, the monitor calibration. The settings that you apply to your monitor’s screen can considerably affect the approach the image appearances on screen. It might look good when you edit the desired picture on the screen, but if the monitor calibration or standardization issue is not resolved, the result will be far different from the original one.

To solve such issues, you have to equal your screen’s resolution to a recognized standard. One that arrays the color and illumination so you can get the same results in comparison to what you see on the screen will translate to what emanates back out of your printer.

Choose the finishing wisely

Finishing also has an important role in making a canvas attractive, and a wise selection of finishing elements such as gloss and matte is of key importance. If you want to make your canvas shining, glossy coating or finishing will be the right thing for you. However, if you do not like shiny things, but want to add the same beauty to your canvases, matte coating and paper should be your preference. Both hold a similar lifespan, but it depends on your choice and nature of the place where you want them to place.

Let Professionals Handle It

Until unless you hold sufficient knowledge about canvas printing, pixels, brightness, resolution, and magnification aspects, do not go for printing canvas on your own. A photo may look brittle and concentrated on a minor screen such as a mobile, laptop, or tablet, but when it is propelled up ten times than its original extent, things can get shambolic. If you know all the aspects and hold the skills to do so, well and good; otherwise, you should be asking professionals from printing services providers to do it for you in order to avoid waste of resources and time. Hiring professionals in this regard will be a helpful thing to keep the process smooth and to get the best possible results.

Consideration of the aforementioned tips and tricks regarding canvas prints and transforming any design, any image, or drawing into an artwork professionally, can help you get the best possible results. From the selection of the pictures to monitor calibration and finishing, all these aspects are essential to be considered to get a remarkable solution to decorate your offices, rooms, and studios with high end printed products like canvas artwork.


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