Branding Agency in Dubai - Douxl Technologies

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23

Branding Agency in Dubai - Douxl Technologies

As a creative branding agent experienced in Dubai, Douxl Technologies understand that branding is one of the most critical aspects of your business, conveying your product or service promises. Visual images, words, and sound of your brand consist of unique languages that communicate with consumers. Good brand identity design requires more than a right eye for aesthetics; it also requires a solid strategy built on market knowledge and consumer insight. The advantage of online branding services from Douxl Technologies in Dubai is that we speak local languages, literally and figuratively. Year of our experience in providing corporate branding services in Dubai gives us the benefits of a rich context. We know the ins and outs of the market and consumer behavior in the region. As a leading online branding company in Dubai, the guide in all branding services from Arabic logo designs and other creative services for announcements, desktop issuance and brochure, and manual localization.

Brand Identity Design:

From the name and taglines to the English and Arabic Logo design, stationery, and business mascot, 7G media provides brand identity design in English and Arabic. The branding services in Dubai are known for the detailed, in-depth research and delivery, which leads to meaningful brand identity design that people can connect with. To be relevant, it must always include advertisements in the context. With 10+ years as a branding agent in Dubai, we are familiar with places, people, and situations that form the brand context. Douxl Technologies does a concept-based design with unique illustrations and themes, ensuring it is nothing you have seen before and immediately attracts your audience's attention.

Marketing Collateral Design:

7G media provides creative branding solutions from concepts and copies for unique print designs from posters and rollup to the sales kit and brochure design services. Douxl Technologies keep your brochure design, corporate manuals, or promotional leaflets in harmony with your branding element. With their professional branding services in Dubai, you get quality and creativity.

Settings Service:

Whether you need setting letters for web or printing, desktop publishing, or localization of your brochure, manuals, and other company material, our experts will ensure that the design element maintains the accuracy and consistency of aesthetics during the process provide typing services, desktop publishing, and localization in all languages.

Four Elements of Corporate Identity:

1- Logo

The logo is the most obvious of the graphical elements of the company's identity. As a prominent visual signer, it must act to identify your company instantly. For example, Apple was bitten, Word mark Colorful Google, and Birds Blue Twitter everything immediately aligned one visual element with corporate brands' ethos.

2- Typeface

An image is worth thousands of words saying, but typographic exploration - one of the critical elements of the company's identity - will notify you that style, shape, weight, and distance from written words can also say a lot.

3- Citra

As well as words, images are a vital element of the company's identity. They represent organizations through the consistent nuances that photography and illustration have.

4- Style Guidelines

When you have made all your company's identity elements, a detailed set of guidelines is needed to ensure their successful applications. Also known as the Manual Corporate Identity or Manual Design of Company Identity, Guidelines provide consistent implementation of your brand's identity by all individuals.

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