Best Techniques to Improve Open Email Rate

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Publish Date : 2020-05-27

Best Techniques to Improve Open Email Rate

Imagine a scenario. You have been sending emails, and recipients are not opening to read them. What will happen? It will affect your bottom line. Email marketing aims to generate potential leads, but sending emails will not be enough to reach your goals.

While you have to decide what kind of email newsletters you need to send in, you also need to make sure that recipients are opening the email to read it. Email marketing is affordable, and the best way to reach out to a large number of potential clients, but it is not that easy.

One of the most popular reasons for opening an email is the subject line. If it is catchy and intrigues the curiosity of users, they will open it. As an entrepreneur, you would like to have a high email open rate. It is generally assumed that the higher the open price, the better it is.

Email open rate is not be-all and end-all. Sometimes companies drive better results even if the open price is not very high. It means it does not need to be very high to achieve your goal as it varies from company to company (loanpalace).

Well, it is hard to define the best email open rate, but it should be good enough to compel your users to open it to read. A poor open rate will lead to reduced email click-through rate, fewer signups, lower sales, and dissipation of your resources.

Here is how you can improve the open rate of your emails.

Optimise your emails for mobiles

More than 70% of your target audience will be using mobile phones to access information about your brand. When you send over newsletters, they will try to read them on their phones. It is why it must fit every size of the screen. Try to make it responsive.

  • To improve the open rate, the first thing you need to focus on is a sender’s name. When you send in an email newsletter, the first thing recipients will look at is the sender name. It must be short, no more than 15 characters.
  • Then the sender will look at the subject line. It must be catchy, short and easy to understand. If the subject line is too long, it may not fit the screen of every mobile and it does not seem to be like a subject line.
  • Continue the thought of the subject line in the email body, but it must not be verbatim.
  • Do not use ambiguous terms and do not stretch the body. Jump to the main point immediately.
  • Make sure that fonts are large enough to make it possible to read.
  • Do not write long sentences and long paragraph. Keep it to the point. Use bullets and small and attractive images and infographics if possible.

Do not make it overly promotional

As you know that most of the recipients do not budge themselves to open the email and mark it as spam as immediately as they receive it. They do not even bother to know about the sender.

Most of the companies fail to make the most of their email marketing campaigns because they make it overly promotional. You use a lot of spam words that make your target audience confused about your brand.

Buy, discount, no credit check are some spam words that seem to be rhetorical. Use of these pushy words will not help your audience buy your product, but they will mark you as spam permanently. As a result, the bottom line will go down.

Focus on the body of the newsletter

Apart from the catchy subject line, you also need to focus on the body of your email newsletter. It will help if you have a unique mindset while preparing a newsletter.

Whether you send it for the promotion of your new product or you give a piece of information, you need to bear in mind that it must serve the need of your target audience.

Before you jump to the topic, you should decide your buyer’s persona. You should know what your users want to hear from you.

The open rate of your emails will increase if you provide your users with what they are looking for. While making a strategy for email marketing, you should figure out what your audience wants to know.

Observing their activities on social media, people also ask and their behaviour while visiting your website, you can get an idea what they are seeking.

  • Once you get to know the idea of what to mention in the subject line and email body, you should make it interactive.
  • You can appeal to your subscribers if the tone of your newsletters is like you are conversing with your friends.
  • Be humble and use an indirect tone to persuade your users to click the link mentioned in the newsletter.  

Whether the recipients will open the email next time or not boils down to the quality of content. Some companies send in emails every day or every alternate day, but the quality is more crucial than the quantity. No matter how much email newsletters you send into your customers, you cannot get any results if you do not serve quality to them.

Increasing the open email rate is no picnic. If you are not able to decide what to do, you will need the help of an expert. In case you do not have enough money to hire professional services, you should take out guaranteed loans for unemployed.

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