Best And Unique Safety Tips For Driving

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Publish Date : 2022-01-11

Best And Unique Safety Tips For Driving

Car instructors are cunning people. What do they not come up with to get an extra fish of monetary happiness out of your pocket. We are talking about unscrupulous instructors who, in principle, are not worthy of the title of a teacher, and which you certainly will not find on our website.

Often, unscrupulous instructors increase the cost of lessons, linking it with some kind of force majeure or an elementary rise in the price of gasoline, the prices of which have skyrocketed by as much as 2 kopecks.

In addition, you definitely need to be prepared for the fact that the auto instructor will offer you to work out the most difficult and incredibly important driving techniques to perfection. This usually requires a few additional lessons. And what is most interesting, only an auto-educator can distinguish perfection from mediocrity.

You can find shortcomings in a cadet anytime, anywhere and in any situation. And this is just untapped virgin soil for deceit. If after a couple of lessons you have a strong opinion of yourself as a completely mediocre driver, then you need to urgently change the auto instructor. Do not let your teacher, in an atmosphere of global trust and complete goodwill, assure you that you are completely oligophrenic, and you will hardly be able to pass the exam without a six-month program. Find people who have an open mind about your driving skills. Every auto instructor, to one degree or another, is a good psychologist, because the profession requires it. He must be able to find an approach to each student, adapt to the type of cadet's temperament and communicate in an understandable language. Such skills allow the auto instructor to masterfully manipulate his student, thereby squeezing all the financial juices out of him.

Even if you have some driving skills and feel pretty confident behind the wheel, it doesn't cost much for the instructor to convince you otherwise. The worst thing you can expect is that your teacher will let you know that you are a complete zero, and you just need additional classes. Learn to soberly assess your skills and abilities. Do not fall for the unctuous speeches of the instructor, who promises that in a couple of additional lessons he will teach you everything that you did not manage to master in the course mentioned in the contract. Put yourself a mental tick that will remind you that the bread and butter of any auto instructor is a "roll-off". And as soon as you suspect that the teacher has put on the wrong record and begins to pull the poor cat by the tail, try to make it clear that you are not bastard either.

In addition, guess who is to blame for the fact that it’s supposedly too early for you to go on the main road on your own?

Vehicle instructors-dispatchers: take what you have!

Imagine that you have found an advertisement on the Internet about the provision of the services of a private auto instructor. From the photo, a handsome young man with a purposeful gaze is looking at you, who will teach you in a brand new car for only 500 rubles an hour. You call the specified phone number and get to the dispatcher, who, after prepayment, appoints the date and time of the first lesson. Arriving at the appointed time and place, you find that you have a completely different instructor, and the old carburetor Zhigulis do not at all look like the glossy Hyundai from the ad. But the money has already been paid, and you have to be content with what you have. There are many ways to get divorced, but in most cases the goal is one - to make your desire to learn how to drive a car cost you as much as possible. A big deception always starts with an embellished truth. Auto instructors have a dusty job, but they know how to let the dust in their eyes. This is something to keep in mind when confusing the wind of change with being fooled again.

Autoinstructor promises: an awl on soap

It is not uncommon for your instructor to call you and say that his car has broken down, but the lesson, for obvious reasons, should not be canceled. He assures you that his friend, for whom he is "responsible", will now drive up.

It would seem that everything is correct, harmonious, logical and without a catch. But you didn’t choose a friend or his car. A professional instructor can “sort out” this situation in different ways, but in no case will he transfer his student into the hands of another teacher. First of all, he respects your choice and understands that you will not be delighted with the movie, which begins with the words "The auto instructor pictures imagines it somehow."

Chameleon price: money ennobles the auto instructor

A miracle has happened - you have found the auto instructor of your dreams, whose services, judging by the ad, are worth mere pennies. But if you've had a failed date, you know that the euphoria can go away faster than a girl flickers her eyelashes. With auto instructors, everything is exactly the same. You are guided by a certain price tag indicated in the ad, but then you realize that you have come across a too capricious teacher. He begins to gradually raise the bar of payment, stunning you with all sorts of additional payments: for the complexity of classes on busy roads or in the city center, for classes held in the early morning, late evening, on weekends or during rush hours. And the frantic races begin: the price can vary from 1000 rubles in the evening and 1200 rubles on weekends and holidays to 1500 rubles for a lesson for pregnant women.
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