Best And Top Notch Driver Services in Dubai

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Best And Top Notch Driver Services in Dubai

Among the main parameters of choice that exist for students of driving schools, the most important place is occupied by the teaching staff. Our employees are instructors who have experience, know how to find the right approach to students and constantly improve their knowledge. A city driving instructor will help you get used to driving a car, teach you how to quickly and accurately assess the situation and outline an action plan, how to join the city stream and become its full-fledged participant, without feeling treacherous trembling in hands and feet.

The services of a driving instructor (Tyumen) are available, which means that there are simply no obstacles to starting training! A private driving instructor will assess the level of knowledge of his student and will do everything to ensure that during the training period it increases many times, and in addition, he will improve the student's existing skills and bring them to automatism. It is important to know that there is no room for doubt on the road: a situation that changes every minute requires precise actions that will be correct here and now. Confidence in one's own strengths and capabilities is exactly what each of our students will have after the course of study.


The practical driving training plan, which is drawn up individually (i.e. the student chooses the most convenient driving time), takes into account the level of training, the goal, and many other parameters. So, you can start with quiet and calm streets to hone your skills on turns or driving through intersections, or you can immediately join the dense city traffic and feel the whole complexity of driving in practice.


A driving instructor (Tyumen) is not just a teacher, he is a master. Who can convey everything that he can himself to his student. Among those who work in "Prestige" you can find an instructor to your liking, but all of them - and this is absolutely unambiguous - have the necessary knowledge and skills. And besides, pedagogical and even psychological experience so that training is structured as efficiently as possible.

Many people are familiar with the situation when, after training at a driving school and receiving a / c, some turn to the services of a private car instructor to gain confidence on the road. Or practice private lessons before the exam at the traffic police. Or such a situation: you got your license several years ago and after that never got behind the wheel. This practice has indeed been widely recognized by both learning and teaching organizations. But not now.

Since this year, some amendments have been made to the rules of the road, excluding the private instructor from the training process.

A private driving instructor is

A private instructor is a master of industrial training in driving a vehicle (meaning any category), who trains future drivers (or already drivers with licenses) in private. That is, he teaches not as an employee of a driving school, but on his own. At the same time, you will not be able to find out what kind of driving experience he has, whether he has documents confirming the right to engage in such activities.

Why a private instructor is excluded from the training process

According to the new traffic rules, an instructor is an employee of a driving school who prepares cadets for driving a car or other equipment. This is an employee of an organization that carries out educational activities and implements basic vocational training programs for drivers of vehicles of the corresponding categories and subcategories.

Based on this definition, a private instructor does not meet the basic requirement. Namely: he is not an employee of a training organization, i.e. driving schools. Therefore, his activities are not legal.

The latest version of the traffic rules began working on January 1, 2020.

What risks and penalties are there if you study with an instructor without a license?

If you nevertheless decide to apply for a service from a private instructor, then you need to know that your actions may result in an administrative fine for both participants:

  1. The instructor will receive a fine, because the transfer of the steering wheel to a student without a driver's license corresponds to a traffic violation, which is punished in accordance with article of the Code of Administrative Offenses ch3 from 12.7. The penalty for transferring control to a student will be thirty thousand rubles.
  2. As a result, the student sitting behind the wheel is also punished with a fine - driving without a driver's license. This will result in the payment of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand to fifteen thousand rubles.

If you have a driver's license, you will not receive a fine, but you are fully responsible for what happens on the road.

Why is it important for the instructor to work in a driving school?

When applying for driving training services in any category through a driving school, you will be insured from all sides. Most importantly, it will be a truly qualified employee, for whose work the driving school is responsible. He will have all the necessary documents to carry out educational activities, and you will not have to pay unreasonable fines. The learning process will take place in accordance with the educational program, with the help of which you will be able to perfectly prepare for the exam.

What are the requirements for instructors now

According to the latest version of the traffic rules, only an instructor (Master of Industrial Driving Training), an employee of a driving school, and within the framework of the corresponding training program, is allowed to prepare students for a driving school.

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